Sunday, May 27, 2012

2012 March: Busan: Shopping and Water Show

At an average of 8.2 degrees Celsius with heavy rains outside, how can we enjoy Busan?  So I decided that we will just go shopping.  South Korea has really utilized the underground life, by building long streets of malls, cafes, small restaurants, and waiting/meeting areas (all underground).  

First stop, roam around what Seomyeon can offer.  Had grocery (supermarket, use synonyms when asking at the concierge) for the pasalubongs.  Take note that there are no Esprit outlets in Korea, so better visit Uniqlo (also opening in the Philippines on June 15, 2012).  

Seomyeon has three underground shopping malls meeting beneath the Seomyeon road junction, a department store, many shopping stores, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, banks, bookstores, clinics, etc. [Reference:,_Busan] 

Below is already a signature sculpture in most of Shinsegae Malls (same in Seoul).

By the afternoon, we moved to Nampo-dong station, to visit Aqua Mall (section of Lotte Department Store).  

The world’s largest indoor musical water fountain, which was registered in the Guiness World Book of Records, can be seen inside. [Reference]

There is an hourly light and musical display of water (show lasts for 10-12 minutes), where water fountain goes from first to fourth floor (inside the mall), and also water shower from the ceiling having videos projected to it.  Viewers need not to worry about getting wet, you can just feel the drizzle towards the end of the show.

Travel Date: March 30, 2012

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