Saturday, July 7, 2012

2012 April: Singapore: Arrival at Le Hotel

Been waiting for this day!  After my provincial experience in Langkawi, I finally arrived at Changi Terminal 1, had to pass by 3-4 walkalators, go down by one level and lastly reached the Immigration section. 

After the exit gates, I exchanged some money.  Go up for the Sky Train going to Terminal 3, then go to the city.

First stop from the airport is Expo station.  Alight and visit City Point mall if you want to visit outlet shops.  I was able to buy an Esprit bag for with sister worth 34sgd (1100php, 2012).  Other outlet shops are Charles and Keith, Adidas, Coldwear, Nike and Lacoste

Since I carry heavy backpack, from the Raffles train station, I took a cab going to Carpenter street which is also accessible by Clare Quay station.  It was a good decision, since the pedestrian between the block and the station is an overpass and I don’t have to walk on it with heavy bags.  

Accommodation Review: Le Hotel Carpenter Street
This is my first time to stay on a plain room with shared bathroom.  Staying there in less than a day (actually less than 8 hrs stay in my room) is not bad.  The reception officer is a Filipino, some guests are also Pinoys, so it feels like home.

Expect the Standard Single Room to be really small.  I had no television, no window and no breakfast.  I had no troubles on using the shower bathroom at the second floor, no line-up of guests at 6am.

There is television in the common area.  They also have two computer units with internet.

It is safe to leave my luggage on the caretaker and get it back late in the evening.

Going back to the airport is not a problem, Clarke Quay MRT Station is nearby and there is also taxi station near the South Bridge Road.

Travel Date: April 20-22, 2012

Destination: Le Hotel, 16 Carpenter Street, Singapore

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