Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012: Travel Madness Expo 2012

Travel Madness Expo 2012 is happening on SMX Convention Center starting July 20 Friday until July 22 Sunday.

Know more about the team behind the expo in
Unlike the traditional annual travel open-market sale, The Travel Madness Expo shall offer both Tourism Boards and Travel Providers a wider and growing opportunity to take a step forward in this industry. Our main strategies circle on a foundation of professional and profitable relations through fair and equal trade endeavors.

Was it because of the rain or its just that tourism lost its hype?  Unlike the previous travel expositions held in SMX, this time it is more peaceful, less noise, fewer crowd and sad to see there is reduced promotion on domestic spots. 

I’d consider that the airline industry topped in number of participants.
Dragon Air, Eva Air, Seaair/Tiger Airways

Fly Zest ( use to have crowd before, but now there is none.  Qatar has a quiet booth as well.  Cebu Pacific ( has only few buyers compared to the previous season when they offer Piso fares or extremely much lower costs.  I appreciate that smaller airline as Jeju Air ( can participate in this type of event. 

The most attended airline on the expo’s first night is Air Phil Express.

For the agencies that offer their services locally and abroad, it is Uni Orient that has the biggest booth.

Whether you are decided to go for a trip, or just preparing and missing traveling – attending this type of event will help you expose yourself on bigger offers of Tourism either within Philippines or outside Asia.


  1. Are there participating hotels/resorts?

    1. On the expo, we notice:
      -Lee Hotel, Tagaytay
      -Bayview Hotel, Manila

      Posted on their site ( > Participants)
      -Ipil Travelodge, Palawan

      For the following, I have seen the big tarpaulin on the side, but not the actual booth. Probably these are part of those packages offered by the Agencies.
      -Kowloon Panda Hotel
      -The Kimberley Hotel Hong Kong

      There are only few hotels now, compared to previous expos.