Sunday, August 12, 2012

Smile Magazine on CNNGo

I've read another milestone for the Philippines in the travel world, Smile Magazine's June-July 2012 issue says:

More good news: Smile has been acknowledged by CNNGo as one of the 12 best airline magazines in the world. After six years of delivering the goods on travel, I'd say we've come a long way, and can go even further. We're looking forward to a longer journey with you! - Lance Gokongwei

Yes, you read it right - Smile Magazine made it to 7th spot, even higher than Lufthansa (Germany) and Qantas (Australia) magazines.

Snip from CNNGo:

Basics: What? Who? We didn’t see this chipper little underdog coming either, but Smile’s youthful (and authentically Filipino) charm won us over.

Perfect reader: A fresh-faced backpacker as excited about checking out Kalibo by tricycle as s/he is about navigating the markets of Saigon.

Words: No great prose, but zest for adventure prevails. In a recent issue, a phrase-based Vietnam guide, a two-woman Southeast Asia travelogue and an alluring snapshot of Cebuano cuisine all had us reaching for our passports.

Look: Nothing special, but frequent portraits of ordinary people having a good time echo the magazine’s spontaneous, low-key voice.

Gold star: Capsule guides to every city on the airline’s network include slang and breakfast tips from locals.

Black mark: The layout smacks of a U.S. teen magazine.

Final verdict: Smile proves in-flights don’t need to pretend to be Esquire or The Economist -- just to capture the spirit of the places they serve.

Personally, I love Smile because I’m an avid flyer of Cebu Pacific.  I love the articles to be short and sweet which always include wonderful pictures or funny cartoons.  The reformat that happened on the paper last October 2010, made it younger and more adventurous.  

The same as their review above, the “Trip Journal” section is lovely as it represents the voice of the travelers and not just the paid writers of the magazine.

Also, it is not always that I finished reading while still on-board, so it is a plus on me that this magazine can be carried outside the plane.  (Unlike Air Asia which has a note of “stop stealing”, since it is also available online:

En Route of Air Canada made it to the top spot.  Read the rest of the magazines worth the read on .

Congratulations to all the editors, directors and managers behind the Smile Magazine!  You are the one who made one of my dreams come true, to be printed on paper!  Happy to read your future releases, SMILE!

If you are interested to read online copies of Smile Magazine, visit this site