Sunday, March 10, 2013

Philippines: Albay: Misibis Bay

Misibis Bay, known for its luxurious service!  Where top artists like Kris Aquino, Zac Efron, Sandara Park (2NE1) to name a few who stayed for vacation and work there.

One of the pit stops in Amazing Race Asia Season 4, where Tessa Prieto-Valdez uttered the words “Mabuhay! Welcome to Fantasy Island!” and greeted our Philippine Team: Rich Herrera and Rich Hardin as second team to arrived (2010).

Seen in few episodes of top rated series "Walang Hangang" in 2012

Don't be discouraged if you can't spend 470-1400 USD a night.  They are offering a day tour in the resort for less than 5000php.  You can book your trip over the phone.

From Legazpi, we were picked-up at their sister company Ellis Ecotel.  It took us around one and a half hours going to the resort and had multitude of greenery and seascape views.

On the way, you’ll not fail to notice the installed solar-powered street lamps sponsored by Misibis Bay.

As we get nearer, we were notified that we will no longer take a roro boat since there is a newly constructed bridge.  Come to our surprise, the road after the bridge is still new.  Imagine a mountain, cut into half, barely with soil (no limestones), and not yet cemented nor protected from landslide.  It is a bumpy ride for almost 2 minutes, and I’d say that is a bit horrifying for me.

The driver said, by roro it will only take 5 minutes to get at the resort.  But by the new provincial road it will take another 30 minutes.

Looks to be a secluded village at the tip of the island, the gates were opened by the guard.  The driver told the guard to call the front desk and tell that the two guests are about to arrived.  Welcome to Misibis Residences! 

"Boom-boom-boom..." Drums, music, dancing - we were welcomed by a traditional dance of Bicolanos.  They hang fish-shaped woven leaves on our neck and we're assisted with umbrella until the reception hall.

We were also given fruit shake and finger food while waiting for the guests' validation (prepare the credit card you used for the reservation booking and identification card).

After, we were assisted on our assigned locker room.  We were allowed to use their pools.  Have fun at the water ‘til you’re thirsty - we had mango and four seasons shake (which is required to be paid in cash for day tour guests).

All non-motorized activities in the beach area are free of charge.  We tried water bicycle and single kayak. Better if you can try hobbie cat (requires wind) and stand-up paddle.

Buffet lunch is served from 12 noon until 2 in the afternoon.  A wide variety of main dish, rice (Chinese-mixed, plain), soup, pastries, sweets.  My sister requested the cook to prepare Angus beef for us.
A Scottish breed of cattle. Formerly called Aberdeen Angus after their place of origin, Angus cattle are among the most commonly used breeds in American beef production. They're popular among producers and consumers because they have more meat on their bones than other breeds as well as distinctive "marbling"—the flecks of fat, which contribute to flavor and texture. - Reference:

The service given is of high quality, as they are very attentive in refilling our drinks.

After a heartful lunch, we headed to the reception area.  Then we were guided to the Convention Center for the Cagraray Eco-Energy Park tour (this requires additional fee of 150php/each), which is outside the Misibis Resort.  Our cart driver who serve also as the guide is very accommodating to our questions and always give us inside scoop of the places we have visited.

For the sporty type, the tour includes a short zip line.  They also have rope team building challenge.  And they are still working on a faster zip cable for the superman ride and constructing the rode for the luge driving (just like the one in Sentosa or a part tobonggan in Great Wall and part go-cart).

Next, we visited Stella Marie Chapel. As of Jan 2013, there are almost 14 weddings held in the church.  It is open for all religion since it does not have images inside.  It is only decorated by a cross with white cloth, altar, chandeliers and glass walls.

At the lower part of the hill, there is a government owned swimming pool.  They will soon open a more affordable accommodation on this area. 
left: pili tree with pili nuts

Lastly, we have visited the Stonehenge-like pillars at the Amphitheatre.  Famous as this has been the site of Amazing Race Asia Season 4 Leg 5, Australia Season 2 Leg 2 and Philippines Leg 8.  This is very picturesque site with the mountains and sea on the background.

We drop by marina, snorkeling and scuba area – then the hard rain starts pouring. Tick tock, it’s five in the afternoon just in time for our guide to pick-up us and head back to Legazpi City.  Tessa was right, “it is a fantasy island!

Misibis Bay
Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay Province, Bicol Region, Philippines

Date Visited: 2013 January