Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 August: Malaysia: Malacca

Weeks before the trip, I already bought my bus ticket for Singapore to Melaka vise versa in http://www.easybook.com/.  (Just be warned that after few days after my online transaction, I got a call from my provider that someone out there tried to use my account.  So be careful on this site) 

 I started my journey from Bugis area in Arab street going to Queen St. to take the 707 bus. 
Make sure to surrender your printed ticket to the bus ticket counter to get the bus plate no. Take note that assigned buses normally wait for only 20 mins along Queen St and not inside the bus parking lot.

After an hour you'll reach the Singapore Immigration. After crossing the bridge, it is around 10-15 minutes, before you step out again, this time for the Malaysia Immigration. 
Two hours more before we reached Melaka Sentral.  I told the driver I should be dropped off in Casa Del Rio, but he still checked inside the ticket office, before he headed to our way. 
I'm not sure what are his plans, there are other passengers saying specific hotels as well.  What I did is to volunteer to drop off at Megamall since I'm familiar on its location from research, than let the driver roam around the area and waste my time inside the bus.

Dataran Pahlawan Megamall Melaka 
F10-01, Hatten Square, Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir,  75000 Melaka. (Open: 10-10p) 
*Padini Concept Store - BW-009 & BW-011/ Lower Ground Floor   
*Vincci - BW-008 & BW009 

Padini and Vincci are disappointing, I was not able to see something to buy.

Flora del Mar Maritime Museum
Location: Muzium Samudera, (the Flora De La Ma), Jalan Quayside, 75000 Malacca
Open Daily: 09:00 hrs - 17:30 hrs
Fri: 09:00 hrs - 12:15 hrs, 14:45 - 17:30
Fee: 6RM (90 PH), for few bucks you'll get to rent this ausio guide.
Tip: On traveling, make sure you carry with you your own ear phones, to keep things clean.

Stamps used during the Malacca trading time which mainly used ships as it's image

Realization: While listening to the audio guide, I just realized how sad it is as to what happened to Magellan.  Our ancestors may have been felt victorious that Lapu-Lapu  killed the Spanish forces in the Battle of Mactan, but in the mindset of a traveler, he missed the opportunity of circumnavigating the world.

History: Did Magellan really circumnavigate the earth?After the death of Magellan, his deputy Juan Sebastian Elcano finished the circumnavigation, reaching Sanlúcar de Barrameda on 6 September 1522.
After that, Elcano was given a coat of arms by Spanish King Charles I, including a globe with the motto ”You circumnavigated me first”.
First ”true” captain, who managed to circumnavigate the Earth, was Francis Drake, on 26 September 1580. [Reference]

Wanted to know more about Filipino misconceptions? [Read]

Red Square (Dutch Square)
Is the town center and is known by its name due to the red bricked buildings surrounding the plaza.  The Christ Church, Stadhuys (previously seat of Dutch administration and is now a historical museum).  The Clock Tower is a gift of Chinese Businessman to the residents.

Clock Tower - The Famous Tan Beng Swee Clocktower was a fairly new addition to the Dutch Square as it was not part of the original Structures there. The Clocktower was actually a gift of the famous wealthy Malacca Straits Chinese Businessman Tan Jiak Kim, who had businesses in Malacca and Singapore, to the residents of Malacca in 1886 during the British Period, reportedly to honor the wishes of his father Tan Beng Swee, as their family were prominent philandtropists and businessmen in the Straits of Malacca Area (Malacca and Singapore). His grandfather, Tan Kim Seng, made the family wealthy and also donated the nearby bridge connecting the Dutch Square to the Jonkers Walk in Chinatown, which was named Tan Kim Seng Bridge. [Reference]

Malacca Sultanate Palace (Istana Kesultanan Melaka)
Location: Jalan Parameswara, Bandar Hilir, 75000, Melaka, Melaka, 70500, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, 75000, Malaysia

The building is a modern reconstruction of the palace of the sultans of Malacca.  The museum building was constructed in 1984 and became a cultural museum. The museum was officially opened on 17 July 1986 by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. [Reference]

Chinese (left), Javanese (right) Traders

Siamese Traders (right, below) - brought their commodities like copper, gold,  silver and ivory.  They would take back with them golds like silk, porcelain, tea, iron, and gunpowder which have been brought to Malacca by Chinas traders.

Arab (left, below) - In 15th century, some of the Arab traders stayed in Malacca to spread the word of Islam to the locals as to the other traders.  Thus, Malacca not only became the center of trade, but also the center of Islam in the region.

Audience Hall (Balairung Seri)

As my returning present, was able to send few postcards to friends and family from the Post Office near Red Square.

Able to successfully locate Casa Del Rio, Melaka which is the pick-up point of Luxury Exclusive bus going back to Singapore.  Tip: I chose this route since the drop-off point is near Concorde Hotel (which is close to Paragon/Orchard Road, which means shopping).