Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 Oct: South Korea: Jamsil: Rubber Duck Project

Rubber Duck is any of several giant floating sculptures designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_Duck_(sculpture)

The world tour project named "Spreading joy around the world" was established in 2007, and have visited several cities, to name a few:
  • 2010 Osaka
  • 2013 Tsim Sha Tsui, Beijing 2013, Taoyuan 
  • 2014 Ho Chi Minh, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai
Glad to see it during my visit as it being held in Seokchon Lake in Seoul Korea from 14 October 2014 to 14 November 2014.

How to get there: Jamsil Station, Exit 1

Per blogs.wsj.com, the project’s official website describes the duck as intended to “heal wounds” and “relieve tension.”

Controversies Behind:

Construction of extended are in Lotte complex has come under intense scrutiny by Seoul city, which demanded additional safety and transport measures before allowing it to open. Public unease was fanned by the appearance of sink holes in Seokchon Lake and a drop in the water level in the lake. No proof has been found that the holes or water decline are linked to the construction of the complex. [Reference]

Giant duck 'passes out' on Seoul Lake as it lost some air and seen drowning. [Reference]

Now you'll understand why there is tight security around rubber ducky.  There are almost 3 officers doing rounds and the viewing deck is closed to public.

Summary of 4 days itinerary in 2014 Autumn Seoul Trip:

Places to see
Food and Restaurants
Where to Sleep
Day 1
Dong Seoul Bus Terminal
Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal
Day 2
Ewha Food Court/Canteen
Haha's Restaurant
Dunkin Donuts
24 Guesthouse Sinchon Style
Day 3
Yeoksam Catholic Church
Garosu-gil Road, Gangnam
Rubber Ducky at Jamsil
DDP - Dongdaemun Design Plaza
The Kona Coffee & Kona Beans
Ace Pizza Club
Chicken Bus
24 Guesthouse Sinchon Style
Day 4
Café del Tren
Kintex: With My Recipe
Korean Dessert Café
Global Kitchen @ Incheon
24 Guesthouse Sinchon Style