Sunday, December 7, 2014

2014 Nov: Japan: Tokyo: Oishii Experience!

Sharing with you oishii experience in Kanto, Japan!  Oishii (おいしい), meaning: nice; tasty; delicious.

Location: Restaurant along Ningyocho St.
Preference: 8 out of 10
Food: Zuke Maguro Tsukimi Don - seasoned tuna bowl with raw egg malted bean sauce
Value: 650 yen = 325 php
Atmosphere: Local/Traditional

Location: Hakata Ippudo, Roppongi

Preference: 9 out of 10
Food: Shiromau Classic - Ippudo's original tonkotsu broth served with ultra-thin noodles, pork belly, bean sprouts, black fungus and spring onions. Classic Hakata-style ramen.
Value: 780 yen = 390 php
Atmosphere: Local/Traditional

Location: Inside the Lake Kawaguchiko Bus Terminal and Train station
Food: Yoshida Udon Noodle - Long ago, local traders and artisans working in the area needed a filling and hearty meal for their lunch. Firm and thick, Yoshida Udon Noodles filled and satisfied them for all day. It got popular instantly by them, and so a local dish was born.
Value: 600 yen = 300 php
Atmosphere: Touristy

Location: St-Marc’s Café, Kodenmacho Station, Hibiya Line, Exit 4
Food: Ham and cheese light sandwich with Latte
Value: around 500 yen = 250 php
Atmosphere: Breakfast Cafe

Location: Caffe Solare, Harajuku

Preference: 8 out of 10
Food: Soft-boiled Egg Rice Bowl with Chicken Meatballs (680 yen = 340 php)
Drinks: Hot Lemon Tea (360 yen = 180 php)
Atmosphere: Modern

Location: Gundam Cafe, Diver's City Mall
Food: Sausage - Gundam Shaped bread with Gundam Latte
Value: 637 yen = 320 php
Atmosphere: Stand-up - Themed Cafe

Location: Restaurant along Ningyocho St.

Preference: 7 out of 10
Food: Chicken Rice Bowl and Noodle Soup (500 yen = 250 php)
Atmosphere: Local Experience – as ordering is by vending machine

Location: Café and Bar Avion, After Passport Control, Terminal 2, Main Building, 3F

Food: Light Meal
Value: 730 yen = 365 php
Atmosphere: Cafe Bar - with view of the runway

Summary of 4 days itinerary in 2014 Autumn Toyota Trip:

Places to see
Food and Restaurants
Where to Sleep
Day 1
Arrival at Narita Airport
Catholic Church
Roppongi Hills
Optional: Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa
Dinner in Ippudo, Roppongi
Day 2
Fuji: Lake Kawaguchiko
Optional: Akihabara
Inside the Lake Kawaguchiko Bus Terminal and Train station
Restaurant along Ningyocho St.
Hotel Horidome Villa
Day 3
Optional: Oedo Onsen in Odaiba
Liberty and Gundam in Odaiba
Disney Sea
Gundam Cafe, Diver's City Mall
Hotel Horidome Villa
Day 4
University of Tokyo
Optional: Imperial Palace East Garden (closed on Mondays)
Ginkgo Avenue (Icho Namiki) near Aoyama-Icchome Station
Harajuku (walking adventure until) Shibuya
Ebisu Garden
Tokyo Station
St-Marc’s Café, Kodenmacho Station
Caffe Solare, Harajuku
Café and Bar Avion
Hotel Horidome Villa

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