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South Korea: Itinerary for 3 days in Busan

Route: Manila, Philippines - Busan, South Korea (PUS)

Transportation Card:
You can still use your Seoul City Pass/T-money card in Busan.  In case you have a problem on re-loading the card, you can go to the nearest 7/11 or CU convenience store. However, more favorable is to use Bee Cash.

Important Links:
Subway Map link
Distance between Busan KTX station to local Busan subway station

Accommodation: : Where to stay in Busan?
Toyoko Inn Busan Seo-myeon
Address: 614-865 666-8, Jeonpo-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan
Map : http://toyoko-inn.com/e_hotel/00221/map.html
Hotel Review

Itinerary: Places to go, Things to see, Points of Interest, What to do in Busan?
Looking for a travel blog? Sharing below is the itinerary for a Busan trip on 3 days:
Thursday - March 29:
MRT Seomyeon to Jangsan: 1300krw=52php; 35mins
In Jangsan Station, find the Taxi Station to go to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (10,000 Won (=400php))
-Optional: Haeundae Station for Haeundae Beach
-Line 2, Namcheon Station, Exit 2 for Namcheon Cathedral in Pusan
-Optional: Line 2, Gwangan Station, Exit 3 or 5, walk 5-10 minutes -  for Gwanggalli Beach
-Nampo-dong Station, Exit 1, for Busan Tower/ Yongdusan Park

Join the Night Tour (presenting the mood of romantic night view and night sea)
Busan Train Station, Exit 8 -> Busan Train Station Square
Location City Tour Office of Busan Tourism Development Co., LTD,
4F Busan Hall Building 1205-1 Choratng-dong Dong-gu, Busan
Tel: 1688-0098, / 051-464-9898

1. Busan Station > 2. Gwangalli Beach > 3. Haeundae Beach > 4. Dalmaji Road > 5. Gwangan Bridge > 6. Gemryeonsan > 1. Busan Station

Friday - March 30
-Go to Jinhae:
From: Busan Seobu Sasang Terminal To: Jinhae Express Bus Terminal
Fare: W4,200
Schedule: 06:00 ◄ Every 15-20 minutes ► 22:00 (Duration: 1 hour)

Saturday - March 31
-Option: Taejongdae Tour
-Shopping at Aqua Mall and Lotte
-Going to the airport (Departure for Manila)

What to add next (version 2016 July):
On my second visit to Busan, I was able to add Oryukdo Skywalk.
Also, I was able to visit another Catholic Church nearby Seomyeon Station Exit 9 - Seomyeon Catholic Church.

Other places to see:
  • Skywalk Observatory in Haeundae (opened on August 17, 2017)
  • Seomyeon Food Alley
  • Gamcheon Culture Village (Fight My Way)
  • Jagalchi Market
  • The Bay 101 
  • Taejeongdae Park
  • BIFF Square
  • Songdo Beach

Feed your wanderlust:

Taste the sight of Busan restaurants here.
I do look forward to experience this Postcard Cafe in Busan:

+ Location: https://goo.gl/maps/JpBcphVtmht  (부산시 사하구 장림동 1149-4)
+ How to get there: Sinpyeong Station (Metro line 1), exit 5. Take mini bus No. 3-1 and get off at Poongjo Food (풍조식품) bus stop. Walk toward the spot for about 10 minutes.

Travel Date: March 28 (Flight 5J - 184) - April 1 (Flight 5J - 185), 2012

News Alert
July is still on monsoon summer, meaning hot humid weather with scattered heavy rains. August will be start of hot summer which will be time to visit the beach.  Haeundae which is one of the most visited in Busan, just experienced a riptide this August 2017.


Other sample itineraries:
For my further sample itinerary, expense, trip reports and PDF guides, please visit links below:

Flight Alert: Manila-Busan (PUS) 5J 184/185 has the possibility to be suspended starting October 28. 

[Unofficial 2017-09-28]: Flights to Busan (PUS) might be suspended starting Oct 28 2017.  Last flight might be on 5J 184 Oct 27 16:00 PHT and last return flight might be on 5J 185 Oct 27 21:40 KST (you can search it on their site, as seen on the results below). No official announcement on CEB website yet and no reason has been advised on the CEB contact center.  On an update I received from their Facebook account, "Our flight to PUS was cancelled due to network realignment."

However, you may wonder on the available options: (1) re-book to earlier flights for Busan before Oct 27 but subject to availability (2) re-book to flight to Incheon subject to availability (3) on-top of the re-booking or cancellation is a travel voucher applicable for 1 year travel based on the last day of the month of the original flight.  Disclaimer: Please call the CEB hotline for clarity on the options, for more formal and official updates and details regarding this flight suspension.

This is a sad news from the travel industry.  How will this impact your itchy feet?
  • If you are going to Seoul and want to visit Busan, you have to take the round-trip KTX since there is no longer out-bound back to Manila. "Train to Busan"
  • The same goes when going to Jeju, instead of a quick route of going home to Manila from Busan, you have to go to Incheon, as well for in-bound and out-bound.
  • A visit to Jirisan, Jeolla, Yeosu, etc will be longer as you'll then be coming from Incheon instead of Busan.
We hope that this route be returned for the travelers.

[2017/10/26] Just saw this article from Smile Magazine, this could be the reason.

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