Saturday, July 4, 2015

Australia: Sydney: Bondi Beach

Australia, famous for it's best beaches!  But since it is too cold for us to be playing on the water, the closest and easiest to visit for a short time will be Bondi Beach.  

With shops that offer affordable ROX items to be most loved graffiti walls expressing emotions and warm relationship among others.  One that touched my heart is the wall that remembers the Bali bombing which hurt Sydney tourists at that time. (since we saw the site in Bali as well)

Date Visited: 2015 June

Be warned about the siren, even Bondi Beach is also being visited by shark attacks.  As of this writing (June 2015), there were sharks spotted early this year at Bondi.  If you are seeing helicopters flying around the water they are actually checking if there are any, and so they can detect the length of the shark, which for January is one at 3 ft and the other at 5ft.  (Read more)  For SNS updates, you can look for it as #bondishark.