Sunday, July 5, 2015

2015 June: Australia: Katoomba: Scenic World

In Central Station, head to platform 7. Take note that 1st and last coach is a quiet coach, meaning you should minimize the tone of your voice, phone on mute and be mindful of your movement/noise. Better stay in the middle coach. It will be around 2 hours, so don't miss Katoomba stop, otherwise you'll reach Mount Victoria.

Scenic World
From the internet not much says about the quickest access to Scenic World - mostly website suggests to take the Blue Mountains HOHO and the Troley Tours.  Please be aware that there is Bus #686 run by the government which accepts Opal Card.

Got our discounted unlimited pass ticket from Metropole Hotel for only 33 aud (on a regular it is 35 aud).  We started from skyway to railway to walkway, ended with cableway back to the main building.

Be early to avoid the lines and group of buses of students and tourists.

During winter, it could be foggy and cloudy in the afternoon. For sunrise, records says it is at 7:00am, but good sun rays for photo-op starts at 9:00sh.  

For the experience, the rides are of a good try. As the kids say, "it's scary but fun!" To add that the view is spectacular. 

Since Echo Point became too foggy in the afternoon, we tried to see it the following morning. We had a long walk from Katoomba Station to the viewing deck. 

The scene is still without sunlight rays but with less fog and clouds now.

I didn't know that its also a view for Mt. Gibraltar (read in books from Earth Science class back in high school), superbly it rings a bell!

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