Monday, July 18, 2016

2016 July: South Korea: Suncheon Guesthouse Happy Tour

Suncheon Guesthouse Happy Tour
순천 게스트하우스 행복여행
15, Yeokjeongwangjang 2-gil, Yeonhyang dong, Suncheon-si, South Korea
Phone: +82 2 6022 2443, +1 866 656 8207
Dates Stayed: July 9-14, 2016
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Price: A bit pricey for solo room given that it is traditional Korea-style bed with no separate table or desk.  On the other option, the price for the dorm type is acceptable.

Location: 10minutes walk from KTX station. Nearby the bus pick-up and stop points (heading to Suncheon Bay or Drama set, City tours)

Check-in: Quick and easy, I did pay for the rooms upon arrival and I was accommodated in no time.

Korean-Style Double Room with Private Bathroom: the size is good enough. There were 2 flat beds prepared. I was given towels and pillow cases.  The downside is there is no table, so all my mess is spread on the other bed.

Dorm (for 4 female): The room size is too small.  But the wooden bed is comfortable enough, the movements from above is not felt on the lower bunk, vice versa. Thus, it makes a comfortable sleep.

There were extensions given, since there is no separate socket on each bedside.  There is no television, but there is electric fan and air-conditioner on the room.

Culinary Experience:

They have bread and strawberry and mandarin juice. You can cook the eggs and prepare coffee or rice tea (water, glassed, plates, utensils provided). Knife is not available. (Just imagine how we ate the fresh tomatoes from Beolgyo for dinner and breakfast).

  • Hope to change the bath soap from bar to liquid
  • Hope to remove the bath towel scrub for personal hygiene
  • Hope to have area or provide spare tissue rolls
  • The private room seems to be self-service when it comes to trash (I requested for trash bag and extra tissue while staying in private room).  You need to tell them to clean. Otherwise, clean it yourself.
  • There is no   elevator, tedious to carry your luggage until 5th floor for dorm rooms

Verdict:  Will be back to use the private room instead.

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