Saturday, July 23, 2016

2016 July: South Korea: Never had a hearty experience yet? Visit South Korea!

My two weeks, was a tummy filled trip at all.  Thank you to all the foreign travelers whom I met on this trip, especially to the locals who have extended their hand in helping me all the way to make it a memorable one. 

4th day: Daegu: I’m in the protestant Church grounds when I accidentally saw a billboard with filming location site of Love Rain. I met students from Seoul who were able to help me order tea from ajumma at C’est la vie cafe.  I even got additional candies together with saranghae sign from ajumma before leaving the place.

5th day: Daegu: I did received candies from unnie (a korean wife with his Australian husband, roaming around Bisuel Mountain with their son and mother-in-law).  Thanks for interpreting the words from group of ajummas.  

Seongseo Campus, Keimyung University: I was people watching to check if the school is an open university. Then, decided to go in. While roaming around and remembering which places were included in the 2012 series, ahjussi called me (using korean that I was not able to understand).  He was talking and pointing on the stairs, and from all the words he had spoken I did understand “Yoona” (so to interpret, he was pointing that “it’s the staircase where Yoona and Geun-suk stroll down”).  Then, he also pointed on the opposite area, we both utter “the bench” / “ben-chi” / 벤치.

While I was taking the photos, we were smiling because he was telling me (hand signals) to use umbrella as well, to have the exact scene.

8th day: Daejeon: Had a green tea ceremony with a monk. He offered what I so called Korea’s national choco pie and also gave beads.  I had discussions with Christian of Germany, a mother from Netherlands, sisters from Seoul and the Taiwanese group.

13th day: Yeosu: On my way down from Chungminsa temple, the guide and I got a free rice drinks courtesy of a couple. Thanks ajumma and ajjushi of Seoul.  I was laughing on this scene, when I have mistakenly asked and thought that it was makgeolli.  They said that it’s just a non-alcoholic rice drinks.

Yeosu: I got steamed rice cake (known in Yeosu as “baekseolgi-tteok”, and in the Philippines as “puto”) from group of ajjumas while on a city tour.

14th day: Suncheon: I had this wonderful long talk from Jao Hee, a dorm mate from Guesthouse Happy Tour. I got fresh tomatoes from Beolgyo, half of a red bean bread from they say a famous local Beolgyo bakeshop, and got another piece of Korea’s national choco pie.

The next day, I got a note and mask from her. 

15th day: Busan: The return of the lost luggage.  I lost my luggage in S-train from Suncheon to Busan on Thursday 9pm.  I have reported it to the employee on the train, we headed to Busan Station Office and Busan Police station.  The next day, Friday morning, they have contacted my accommodation and I was able to get back the luggage from Busan Station Office.  Thanks to the KTX and police officers and the hotel counter who were able to keep continuous communication during the process and to help me get back my things.

In summary, it was a wonderful experience with unexpected people I’ve meet in this two weeks stay.

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