Monday, August 15, 2016

2016 July: South Korea: 6 places to see while in Suncheon

Among the provinces or KTX station, I stayed here the most (in my 2 weeks visit).  Being a part of Jeolla Province which I saw as beautiful place from the variety shows, so I did decide to visit.  However, from the local I've met, she was asking why Suncheon, it is not famous.  So I wonder, how come it became famous to me?

Drama Film Location
If you are adddicted to series or films, you can stay at this place for more than 3 hours.  Capturing those photos, being enticed how it is to live at 60's 70's 80's in Korea. [read]

Suncheon Bay
Visit National Garden for the flora tour.  Then take a sky cube to head to the wet lands. [read]

Deep Rooted Tree
Optional to visit, together with the traditional houses. [read]

Cultural Street
Enjoy the themed cafes and spend time to be one with arts - painting, drawing, etc. [read]

Escape to Yeosu
Go to the coastal areas and endless crossing of bridges. [read]

Escape to Beolgyo
If you are interested to history between Japan and Korea. [read]

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