Monday, August 15, 2016

2016 July: South Korea: Suncheon Bay and National Garden

I have started the day by visiting Suncheon Bay Nation Garden West side. Roam around the flora and fauna.

Then took the sky cube for 8000 krw (320php, 2016) for a round trip tour.

Upon exit, you'll be able to visit Suncheon Literary House (closed on Mondays).

You'll walk a long field of reeds, this is known as Ecological Park or Wetlands.

Interesting to know that there is no electricity on this place, that even 282 electric poles were moved back to protect wildlife.  With that, my slow walking became faster as I don't want to roam around the area when its getting dark.

At the end of the trail, there is resting house where you can also buy your snacks.  By mid afternoon, it started to rain, and it's the same path I'll be taking - back to the sky cube.

Then next, I went to the East side of the National Garden - where we will see the small pond with small mountains - where you can circle around up to the top.  

Look at the small blocks of art works by kids on selected countries.  There were also broken frames and television frames used along the bridge to let the natural sunlight pass through.

What's so cool while walking on this bridge is that they have sensor, then it will turn on the electric fan.  Then, it will make the bell ring, which makes music to my ears.

If you are watching Running Man, this is the filming site Episode 230, (January 2015).

It started to rain hard, the entrance heading to the hills was already being closed.  Good thing, it was when I was about to go down by the hill, so I was still able to experience the view from the top.

Filming Location
Running Man, Episode 230:

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