Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016 July: South Korea: Yeosu

This day was planned to be an outskirt from Suncheon.  Instead of moving for another different accommodation for an overnight stay, I have decided to simply have a day trip to Yeosu.  

Yeosu Guide Map

Just 23 minutes away from Suncheon by KTX, I arrived in Yeosu by 8:57am.  

There's no plan or specific place to visit in Yeosu, so I just have decided to jump to a guided tour for it to be fruitful journey that spending the hours studying which buses to take to which destinations.

The tour costs 5000krw (200php, 2016) which includes the guide (who was very accommodating to translate her ideas in English).  It felt like a personal trip since I'm the only English speaking joiner, she was able to discuss to me personally.

The route included:

  • Chungminsa Temple (여수충민사)
  • Jinnamgwan Hall (여수 진남관)
  • Yi Sun-shin Square
  • Jeollajwasuyeong Geobukseon (Turtle Ship) 
  • Heungguksa Temple (Yeosu) (흥국사 (여수))
  • Yi Sun-shin Bridge Observation Desk
  • Marine Specialty Stock Fish Market

Chungminsa Temple (여수충민사) - Nestled at the foot of Maraesan Mountain (alt. 385.2 m). [Reference]  

Hyangiram Hermitage (Yeosu) (향일암(여수))
sometimes written as Hyangilam Hermitage
Hyanggiram which means a "small temple toward the sun," is the nation's best spot to watch the sunrise and one of the four Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva shrines.  Mt. Geumoh, with a thick camelia forest and subtropical plants along with an expansive view of the ocean creates magnificent scenery. [Yeosu Tour]

We had to walk on a very steep road, take multiple steps on the stairs, enter a narrow mini cave before we can reach the top.

Form below (right photo) shows - one with a thousand helping hands of Compassion coupled with the eyes of Wisdom in each palm. And on each hand, there is an eye, that they say it means "you're being watched".

Turtle rocks where coins are placed by people as a sign of service.

Filming Location of Temperature of Love

On Jung-seon (Yang Se-jong) joined Lee Hyun-soo (Seo Hyun-jin) on a trip to Yeosu.  After a boat ride, they have visited Hyangiram Hermitage.  Hyun-soo get lost and finally found each other after passing multiple times in between rocks.

The square with Yi Sun Shin and Turtle boat nearby, this is where you can take your lunch as well. 

Heungguksa Temple (Yeosu) (흥국사 (여수))
Admission: 2000krw
The name of Heungguksa Temple means “if the country prospers, the temple does well.” The temple was established to pray for the country to flourish. Located on Yeongchwisan Mountain, Heunaguksa was founded by Bojo Guksa in 1195. [Reference]

The hall with 4 instruments used by the monk on the daily service.

Miniature found in the nearby museum.

Yi Sun-shin Bridge Observation Desk

Apart from marine life, Yeosu is also famous from industrial area.

If you are wondering what is the commercialism side on this tour, it was when we have visited the fish market.

The departure and final stop is just the same, Yeosu Expo Station.  

So here, I have visited Teddy Bear museum.