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2017 May: Japan: Fukuoka: Hakata Gofukumachi Hostel Takataniya

Hakata Gofukumachi Hostel Takataniya
9-5 Nakagofukumachi, Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan 812-0035
博多 呉服町 ホステル 高谷家
博多区中呉服町 9-5, 博多, 福岡, 日本 812-0035
Email: takataniya[@]
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Price: (JPY 13,769 (PHP 6,232.44, 2017) for 5 nights) - It is cheap enough for an accommodation in Japan given a short period of hostel hunting.  Although, most of the cheaper capsules are exclusive for male guests, this as a good find!

Thanks to for providing another coupon and promotion discount which lessen my payment for this hostel.

Location: 20 minutes away from Fukuoka Airport subway station, you have to transfer in Nakasu-Kawabata station when going to Hakata (transportation hub for express bus and JR lanes).

Since this is my second time, I am up for more challenge! 

There is a bus that roams in circular route along the city, for only 100 yen per ride. The bus runs from the bus stop across the hotel passingby Hakata, Canal Mall, etc.

Dormitory – Female Only: There were 9 capsules in female-only floor (2nd).  I like the room having big windows along the corridor.  Dim-lights are perfect at night.  All guests on the same floor are served by a bathroom (shower, toilet, 2 sink areas).

It is commendable that the shower area has divider and have a dry area as changing room.  The hostel provides bath liquid soap and shampoo (conditioner). 

Two corner areas of the corridor have lamps.  There are 2 small tables with lamps, four small seats, 2 clothes rack and multiple hangers that can be shared.  I like the most, the feet massager!

Bed: It's not suffocating, you get to enjoy the privacy as you have your own curtains, pin lights, and charging socket in your capsule.  The bed sheets and pillows provided are soft and clean.


  • They did gave me the lower capsule bed upon my request on email even with short notice before my arrival.
  • Gladly, even if I arrived 15 mins after 10pm, they were still able to still wait for me for the check-in process.
  • The hosts are very accommodating to my inquiries and speaks good English.
  • They have assisted me to carry my luggage when going to the second floor because the stairs is too steep.
  • The Lounge is also a quiet area. I tend to stay there to have tea at night.  The television is on mute, the room is filled with cozy English and instrumental songs.

Food: They say they offer breakfast, but I didn't have a chance to taste it, as I always go out early to catch long haul bus or train.  But what I also like here is the hot and cold water for coffee and tea for the whole day until 10p or 12mn.

Panic Button On: I'm aware that the guesthouse is in between Zendoji and Myodenji. However, I guess I missed the fact that these are tombs or cemetery.  I just knew it on my last morning of stay, when I have the opened the window near the powder room and the opposite corner that were tombs nearby.

The Slippers Incident
I used to bring my own slipper when going to hostels.  At this guesthouse, there is a designated place where you need to put yours shoes on the rack.  One night, I stepped-out for a tea  time, when I return to the room, my slippers were missing.  What happened is that other guest used my slipper.

Good thing is that when I approached her, she was able to understand, that it was a personal set of slippers and she did surrender them to me.  The following day, I just placed it near my luggage showing off the  name I had on it.

Concerns for a Dormmate: There is a type of a traveler that is an early riser, who will take shower and create the normal early morning rituals before 6am.

Another type for would be a late starter. That means, they also end their day late, going back to the hotel at late night, starting to make noise (big steps, crashing plastics, or shower) and will not mind other guests even if they use hair dryer after 12 midnight.  

Reminders for Dorm user
  • Be mindful of next user of the bathroom, flash twice if needed.
  • Do not use severe air purifier in the bathroom as the floor will get slippery
  • Open the windows in bathroom or powder area if needed.
  • Opening or crashing plastics create noise and be mindful for the other guests

Guesthouse Rules
  • Reception hours : 8:00-11:00 / 15:00-22:00
  • Check in time : 15:00-22:00; Check out time : 11:00
  • Cleaning hours on rooms will be 11:00–14:00.  Guests are requested to stepped-out or stay in the lounge area.
  • Arrangements can be made for early and late check-in, please inform us in advance.
  • Luggage storage is available before check-in and after check-out.
  • Smoking is not allowed to inside the building include lounge area.
  • No curfew once you have checked in.  They will provide the passcode on the main door and keys on the room.
  • Shower rooms and rest rooms are shared with other guests, please refrain as much as possible use of midnight and early morning.

Apart from the location that is a concern, it is still a long walk or two stations away from Tenjin, Nakasu-Kawabata or Hakata.  But, the hostel service provided to its guests is commendable.

Summary of 5 days itinerary in 2017 Fukuoka Trip:

Places to see
Food and Restaurants
Where to Sleep
Day 1
Karatsu Castle
Old Karatsu Bank
Shopping at Hakata Underground
Yayoi Teishoku Restaurant
Brunch @ Karatsu Station
Hakata Gofukumachi
Hostel Takataniya
Day 2
Wisteria Tunnel in Kawachi Fuji-en
Mojiko Retro
Hostel Takataniya
Day 3
Yanagawa (you can opt for Dazaifu)
Kurume Ishibashi Cultural Center
Our Lady of Victory (Daimyomachi Church)
FUK white mocha coffee
Hanamidori crunchy chicken
Hostel Takataniya
Day 4
Yufuin, Oita
Shopping at Hakata
Shopping at Canal Mall
Milch cheesecake
A La Mode Goemon - Cheese Tart
Blueberry Dango
Hostel Takataniya
Day 5
Temples and Shrines in Gion-Hakata
Nakasu-Kawabata Market
Tenjin Undeground Market
Yoshinoya - Beef rice toppings
Udon Soba with Fish Cakes
Hostel Takataniya