Sunday, June 5, 2016

2016 May: Japan: Fukuoka: Nanzoin Temple

Nanzo-in Temple (南蔵院) is a Shingon sect Buddhist temple in Sasaguri, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. It notable for its bronze statue of a reclining Buddha. - [Reference]

Look at this tunnel heading to the reclining Buddha statue, where the walls are composed of tiled image of probably names of deceased in this temple.

A little bit bad to see that they are working on the higher structure on the background which makes it a bit of photo-bomber for this photo.

Prior to heading to the altar on top of the mountain, make sure to follow the cleansing customs as a sign of respect.

I love the tall trees!

Access: Drop-off at Kidonanzoin-Mae Station, cross a small bridge.  Then turn right, cross a main road heading to Nanzo-in Temple.  You'll be passing by a tunnel to see the reclining Buddha.

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