Sunday, December 29, 2013

Itinerary: Beijing, China

Travel Date: Nov 19-24 2013

Accommodation: Where to stay in Beijing?
Ibis Beijing Capital Airport Hotel 
No.2 Tianzhu Middle Street, Airport &
New Int´l Exhibition Center, Beijing,

Spring Time Hostel
South West Corner of Dongsi Subway Station (Exit. D)
Building AB, Gongjian Dayuan, Dong Si Xi Da Jie, Dongcheng district, Beijing, 100010

Mean Temperature: 19-Nov: 1.9, 20-Nov: 3.7, 21-Nov: 4, 22-Nov: 4.8, 23-Nov: 7.2, 24-Nov: 6.9
Max Temperature: 23-Nov: 16

Minimum Temperature: 19-Nov: -5

Itinerary: Places to go, Things to see, What to do in Beijing?
-Diaoyutai Gingko Avenue 
-Tianamen Square
-Forbidden City
-At night: Wangfujing, The Egg

-Muntianyu Tour
-At Night: Olympic Village (Bird’s Nest, Water Cube outside)

-Omiyage Shopping
-Jingshan Park
-Qianmen Street

-Temple of Heaven
-Antique Shop
-Free Time/Preparation to the Airport

Expense Report: The Budget Travel Guide in Beijing for 6 days
-Airport: Foreign exchange rate 588.1025 at 200usd , commission 60rm
-Yikatong 20 card + 40rm deposit
-Breakfast at KFC, Airport
-Exchange at ICBC Dongsi station 603.09 at 600usd
-Lunch at RBT Restaurant 30+22 = 52rm

-Muntianyu Tour 280rm
-Dinner at Pizza Restaurant, Mall in Olympics Village: chicken wings 28rm, Pasta Marinara 29rm

-McDo breakfast 31rm
-Wu Mart shopping for pasalubong/omiyage 225.30
-Jiangshan Park Entrance - 2rmb
-Brunch: Nestle coffee 10rm, Longanisa 5rm, Corn stick 5rm, Lays 6rm
-Post cards: 40rmb - 20 pcs post card
-Sending 7 post cards: 31rmb
-Snacks near Dongsi station: rice + vegetables 26, egg custard 5rm, seaweed skewers 6rmb
-Uniqlo at Qianmen- 79rmb (20rmb discount from 99); in PH 550ph (discounted to 390ph).
-Starbucks mug city collection at Qianmen 85rm

-Temple of Heaven
-Brunch: dumpling (unlimited) 20rm, tomato and egg soup 15rm
-Dinner at the Airport: Pizza hut: 20rm (big/small) meat sauce noodle (baked/smoked), 42rm pizza chicken pops + milk tea, 32rm chicken pork

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