Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2013 Nov: China: Beijing: Gingko and Tiananmen

It is not the day one that I expected.  It was too off track to what I have planned due our misadventures. 

Just outside Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, it is more popular to visit during first two weeks of November, because the leaves have already fallen when we arived.

Location: Fucheng Road Side, Haidian, Beijing, China
Subway: Line 09, Baiduizi Station, Exit C

It is around 3pm when we reached Tiananmen Square East Gate, but entered the wrong door, we are supposed to be guided by someone speaking in English find our way but she instead invited us in her small gallery nearby, showing us her paintings of 4 seasons, and even tried to sell us a smaller version of it.  (Almost same type of paintings are also available in Great Wall Muntianyu section grounds.)

Subway: Line 1, Tiananmen East Station, Exit A.
Tiananmen Tower (Gate of Heavenly Peace)

Its a very stressful long walk with multitude of local and foreign tourists.  We just get so tired and lost interest on what's inside.  After a couple of sitting, photo op and coffee break, we headed to National Flag grounds and The Monument to the Peoples Heroes. 

We are to watch the flag retreat, but people gets thicker as the ceremony is nearly to start.  Until there is a incident that happened, there is a family of 3 who started shouting.  The guards went immediately and pulled them to the police mobile.  There we decided to leave the place because that might lead to something else.  Choose to stay safe as always.

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