Saturday, December 7, 2013

2013 Nov: Ibis Beijing Capital Airport

"We have just landed Beijing International Airport. Ground temperature is 0 degrees Celsius" these were the words of the captain on our 5J672 flight on third Tuesday of November 2013.  [Read]

Try to study your way out to avoid tourist traps.  Upon exiting the Arrival Gates, we are already asked by more than 3 people offering taxi transportation.. We found the official taxi lane, but there are fixers who took our bag and led us to a different van compared to normal taxis.

We are already seated inside the van and offered 200yuan (1200php) transfer to a nearby hotel, where I have studied that it is just 11yuan (66php).  Luckily that he still allowed us to step-out. Some other men are saying that ordinary taxis will not take us since it is just short distance.  Another man offered same price, but we tried to haggle and try to get back in the official lane, he started to give a fare of 200, then 150, then 100. I said fine for 100 since its nearly getting a negative temperature (but try to haggle down if you can do so).

Ibis Beijing Capital Airport
Address: No.2 Tianzhu Middle Street, Tianzhu Town, Shunyi District, Beijing 101312, China (Beijing Capital International Airport)

Since airport express’ last trip to city from T2 is at 23:10 and since we prefer not to sleep in Terminal 2, we have then booked at Ibis Beijing Capital Airport since it is very close to the airport. 

We arrived at around 1:30 am and the reception officer assigned on that morning is very cold in welcoming us (just like the weather). Obviously showing actions that are not so helpful, has very limited answers and she is very sleepy.

Hotel has an elevator and we immediately went to our room.  It is spacious more than to what I expected.  It has window glass, good lighting, clean and soft beddings.  They also offer two bottled water, electric thermos, slippers, basic toiletries, hangers, cabinet, television (no English channel).

If you will avail their free transport service, make sure that you book a  reservation two hours prior to your departure schedule and please be reminded that this is for free.

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