Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Nov: China: Beijing: Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven
Subway: Line 5, Tiantandongmen Station, Exit A1

From some of my search, the entrance is 2cyn.  But we paid 30 rm, it’s an all-in ticket to get inside the secured areas.  We get in Temple of Heaven and Echo Wall, but when we wanted to return on the Temple of Heaven, they still needed another ticket, good thing that we did not go the third building so we still have spare ticket.  There are unending visitors on these places. 

Exit A1 from Tiantandongmen Station, these park is superb greenery even at early winter weather.  Seems that the area is not just visited by foreign visitors but most locals enjoy the area as well.  There are those exercising and practicing different types of recreation.  Most stuff their selling are souvenirs for visitors and for kid’s entertainment, like selling fan and ball, thing used in kick games and big ribbons for gymnastics.

empty branches under the sun 
Temple of Heaven inside is a hollow temple from the inside but has intricate design and paintings.

Moving towards the Echo Wall, they have already set ropes to give distance on the visitors from the wall.  Thus, echoing is no longer obvious - which should not be the case if they still want visitors to come by for its true purpose.

wondering kids around the temple grounds

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