Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Nov: China: Beijing: Going Back to the Airport

We are undecided if we can take a cab or train. 

There are sections when we can’t help but take stairs and its hard for us to carry luggage on it, so we decided to take a cab.  Looks like taxis are not stopping, there were about 3 drivers who declined us, for the reason that they don’t want to carry heavy luggage.

So we went back to Entrance G, take Line 6 to Chongyangmen.  Transfer to Line 2 for Dongzhimen.  Just to prevent us from being away from each other, we decided to always take the car behind the train driver, so he can see that we are difficulty on getting in or off the train. 

Even if you are having difficulty in carrying your bags on the stairs, make sure not to leave them.. I have a heavier bag and we carried it halfway the stairs.  As we are to return to the lower area to get back the second bag, there is a sudden rush of people that get off from the train, so I told her to return to secure the first bag.  I went up carrying the second bag, after the flow of people.  She told me that she can’t leave the first bag since she saw two men in black that is starring at my bag. 

Next, we headed to transfer to Airport Express station.  After the exit, we bought another single journey ticket going to Terminal 2 for 25 cyn (150php, 2013).  There is only 1 coffee shop at 1F Departure. We roam around VIP lounge and restaurant area at the 3F and decided to grab our dinner at Pizza Hut on B1 (on the same level are KFC and Starbucks). 

Check-in counter for 5J673 opened late at 9:30pm.  Seems that they no longer allow group check-in for bags even if you bought it at the same confirmation number.  Next, find your way to the Gates, there is a Health Check counter. Prepare your departure card, passport and boarding pass for the Immigration counter.  Next, consume your mineral water and surrender the bottle before the film security check (x-ray).  With a tray, you'll be requested to remove your camera and computer from your bag and individual should not be wearing his jacket.  Prepare for a long body security check.

On the way, only 2 duty free shops are working (souvenirs, jade, tea, and perfumes). 

Finally, another waiting game but at least there are seats now.  Look for the yellow sign in between seats and you can find the power sockets for you to use.

Here is my list of comments:
1.  Not sure if T2 is a budget terminal, but there are only few selection of restaurants.
2. Airport taxis are scam.
3. Warm water for toilet use are still cold during cold season (unlike Japan).
4. Designated power sockets along the waiting area is much appreciated. 

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