Saturday, December 7, 2013

2013 Nov: It is not yet time…

After almost three years, the tragic shooting incident in a travel bus of Hong Kong tourists in Manila is still fresh in the minds of Beijing people. [Manila Hostage Crisis] As this said, if you can delay your visit please try to do so - now is not yet the season for a Filipino to visit Chinese countries.

This is our trip that I'd considered politically intense and not peaceful at heart. 

In Jinshang Park, my sister is inquiring about postcards when an old man talked to her.  When he learned that we came from Philippines, "He said that our government is not people oriented, with what happened to the Yolanda victims."

While reading a map in Wanfujing, a lady approached us and escorted us to the Dengshikou station, it was a nice conversation at first, until she introduced the incident of Manila hostage crisis and ended with words like "I'll visit when the time comes that China and Philippines become friends again, because I don't want to die there."

Earlier I generalized Chinese countries, for obvious reason that we also have a gap with Taiwan due to a fisherman shot by Coast Guard near Batan group of islands. [Read] 

Just within the October, a Chinese local crashed his car in pedestrian lane of Tiananmen Square, a Filipino doctor who is traveling that time was one of the two fatalities. [Read]

Incidents and accidents have happened for a reason that we will never understand and might not able to moved on.  As feelings and emotions will always be attached and being nationalistic to your very own country will always remain, a tourist for tourist should never be the case.  As we are once travelers in this world, let us respect each other for we do not represent the negative behaviors of the people who have done it in the past.  We are not the men and women behind the guns or the wheels who cost lives.  As we know, time heal all wounds but not yet at this time nor at this moment.

We travel to escape from the everyday stressful life at work, so make sure that you go to place you can find peace and safety.  Maybe not in their country, nor in our country - to which destination it may be, never forget to travel with discipline, respect and dignity.

Come in peace.

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