Sunday, October 23, 2016

Japan: Nagasaki: Huis Ten Bosch

It was just so surprising to see this place that will never failed to let you feel to be in Amsterdam when you are actually in Nagasaki, a bombed site in Japan.

Huis Ten Bosch was also featured in South Korea's Battle Trip variety show.
Transportation: Hakata station→Huis Ten Bosch station 1.40hr(JR Express train)
Departure Time:every hour

* Only 5 direct trains and others should transfer at Haiki station.
Ticket Details 

If you have been to other bear museums (like those in Jeju or Korea), you can skip this one.

I miss the sound of a traveler! 
The wheels crashing the streets. 
Then it stopped, it suddenly bumped on a step, 
or it entered an escalator or elevator. 
The worried whispers when one mistakenly took a wrong turn, 
wrong exit, wrong train, wrong bus! 
When you missed a train or bus for having second doubts it was actually the one. 
The amazing wow factor when someone sees new places or things 
or not in the local home country. 
The “woah!” when your taste buds are just happy to try a new one, 
even if not properly sanitized, you just enjoy trying street food! 
The zzz sound, for waiting long haul flights, 
for dozing off after kilometers of walk when no commuter trains 
or buses can reach that site you've been dreaming of.

Date Visited: May 2016

Summary of 4 days itinerary in 2016 Spring Fukuoka Trip:

Places to see
Food and Restaurants
Where to Sleep
Day 1
Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory
Mina Mall
Tenjin Undergroud Shopping
Fukuoka Tower
Ippudo TAO – Tenjin
[Tenjin] Underground Restaurant
Day 2
Huis Ten Bosch
Hakata Underground
Curry House Coco Ichibanya
Hotel Ascent Fukuoka
Day 3
Nanzo-in Temple
Uminonakamichi Seaside Park Kawabata Shotengai
ACROS vertical garden
Hakata Ekimae
Hotel Ascent Fukuoka
Day 4
Sasaguri Henro 88
Restaurant in Dazaifu Tenmagu
Hotel Ascent Fukuoka


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