Sunday, June 11, 2017

2017 June: Macau: Foodstuff

Egg Tart Shop
Location: nearby stores in St. Paul Ruins
Food: egg tart
Personal Preference: 7 out of 10. Enjoy the sight while eating this famous sweet snack in the streets of Macau.  In case you like to taste the version from Lord Stow, why not visit the original store in Coloane (G/F C Houston Court 21 Largo do Matadouro, Coloane Village, Macau).
Value: Affordable 8 MOP (52 PHP, 2017)

Food Court in Venetian
Location: Food Court Outlets, The Venetian
Food: Juicy Xiao Long Bao (35 MOP = 227 PHP, 2017); , Sausage with Egg and Fried Rice (75 MOP = 489 PHP, 2017)
Personal Preference: 8 out 10.
Value: Average - Choosing to eat in the food area or food court will save you much money than choosing the fine dining expensive restaurants in the casinos of Taipa.

Location: along R. do Campo
Food: Order those not found in your home country
Personal Preference: 6 out 10.  I have this personal rule to stay away from fast food chains that are already found in your home country.  It’s a way for you to find out what’s the cuisine in the local place you are visiting.  However, if you are with a picky eater, you can’t escape but to have fast food chain as an option. 
Value: Affordable

It was just a two nights stay in Macao, but there were cases that we take out food from the street and dine in our hotel room, thus there are just few entries on this page.

Summary of 6D5N Macau - Hong Kong Trip:

Places to see
Food and Restaurants
Where to Sleep
Day 1
St. Paul Ruins, Macau Museum,
Fort, Senado Square
Taipa: City of Dreams
Venetian, Parisian

Wynn, Grand Lisboa
Street Food
Foodcourt at Venetian
Day 2
transfer to Hong Kong
Sneakers Street
Ladies Market, Mongkok
Tim Ho Wan
Fung Choi Restaurant
Towns Well Macau
Day 3
Esprit Outlet
Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Two IFC
Avenue of Stars Light Show
Cafe De Coral
Day 4
West Hotel Hong Kong
Day 5
West Hotel Hong Kong