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Japan: Oita: 8 Things to do in Yufuin

Yufuin, Oita, Kyushu, Japan

Yufuin is two hours away travel by train from Hakata station in central Fukuoka.  If you're in doubt in visiting the place, don't!  Some might be torn between Yufuin or Beppu, but what made me choose this is that the attraction is very much accessible by foot from the train station
You might think that the street shops are tourist trap, but it's not.  It is a joyful experience of unending sweet treats along the way until you arrive at the end of the road with the view of the lake and a serene garden.

Here are 8 things to do in Yufuin:

1. Ride the Biker's Wheel
Know how to ride a bike?  Why not jump into that biker’s wheel to enjoy the further sights than walking can take.  There are bikes for rent at Yufuin station and also along the way of the main road.

You can also try the rickshaw or horse carriage to get into places.

2. Appreciate the floras
Enjoy the variety of flowers scattered along the streets.

3. Enjoy Shopping
Enjoy looking at those antiques, ceramics, wooden toys, souvenirs and stuff that can only be found in Japan!

Yufuin Floral Village - "there is always a way to open any door"

4. Post it!
Get some postcards and send it back to your hometown.

5. Nature Trip!

Kinrin Lake
Location: Yufuincho Kawakami, Yufu, Oita Prefecture 879-5102, Japan
This body of water even a bit dark seems to healthy as there a lot of fish that you’ll see.  Plus, ducks are happily swimming as well.

There are few accommodations (both hotels and ryokan) nearby the lake that offer hot spring baths.

Tensho Shrine and Dakemoto Park
Walked around the lake to reach Tensho Shrine and Dakemoto Park  covered with old and tall maple and ginkgo trees.

6. Watch the street view
"Koinobori" - carp-shaped streamers, are hanged to display wish to children to have successful lives.  Streets are decorated with these during the Children's Day (within the Golden Week).

7. People watching
Stop and sit for a while.  Enjoy people watching and look for those who among are tourists or travelers.  Look at the kids as they have fun with nature and sweets. 

8. Taste the Sights
I suggest to come with an empty stomach!  You read it right!  This will be a long walk with unending stops to taste those yummy food you’ll see along the street side.

Yufuin Roll - matcha cake and ginger ale (500 yen = 250 php)

Milch - cold cheesecake (120 yen = 60 php)

blueberry dango - dumpling and sweet made from rice flour (150 yen = 75 php)

Lingon - olive and cheese cookie (129 yen = 65 php)

Ala Mode Goemon - cheese tart (260 yen = 130 php)

boiled potatoes with meat croquette (160 yen = 80 php)

green ice tea (150 yen = 75 php)

And, there are more restaurants and food to choose from:
eggs for sale

Tip: As what Filipinos believe to might have pasma (colds when you get your feet wet after a  long walk), you may want to enjoy first the feet hot spring (in the station or behind the first souvenir shop on the left), before starting your journey to Yufuin streets.

How to get to Yufuin:
Take JR train on Kyudai Main Line in Yufuin, Ōita.  Drop-off at Yufuin Station.

The town is a walkable area, from Google Maps, it is just 20 minutes away from station to the lake.  If you don’t want to take the bike, carriage or rickshaw – there are taxing waiting on the station too.

Cheapest JR ticket from Fukuoka to Yufuin is via Limited Express Yufu 1 train at 4560 yen for 136 minutes.  I arrived at around 10am on Yufuin Station.  In reality it took me 6 hours to go back to the station due to multiple stops along the shops, restaurant and nature tripping.  I was planning to take the 15:00 train back to Fukuoka, but I decided to move it later at 17:00.

Apologies for the photos above on which some were with watermark as Fukuoka, on which should be Yufuin, Oita.

Date Visited: May 15, 2017 - Monday

Summary of 5 days itinerary in 2017 Fukuoka Trip:

Places to see
Food and Restaurants
Where to Sleep
Day 1
Karatsu Castle
Old Karatsu Bank
Shopping at Hakata Underground
Yayoi Teishoku Restaurant
Brunch @ Karatsu Station
Hakata Gofukumachi
Hostel Takataniya
Day 2
Wisteria Tunnel in Kawachi Fuji-en
Mojiko Retro
Hostel Takataniya
Day 3
Yanagawa (you can opt for Dazaifu)
Kurume Ishibashi Cultural Center
Our Lady of Victory (Daimyomachi Church)
FUK white mocha coffee
Hanamidori crunchy chicken
Hostel Takataniya
Day 4
Yufuin, Oita
Shopping at Hakata
Shopping at Canal Mall
Milch cheesecake
A La Mode Goemon - Cheese Tart
Blueberry Dango
Hostel Takataniya
Day 5
Temples and Shrines in Gion-Hakata
Nakasu-Kawabata Market
Tenjin Undeground Market
Yoshinoya - Beef rice toppings
Udon Soba with Fish Cakes
Hostel Takataniya

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