Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 November: South Korea: Green Residence

I arrived at Gimpo Domestic Terminal, Wednesday, Nov 16 2011 11.55 am. I asked the information counter on which parking area will I be able to take bus 6001. It is on area #4-5 and was able to catch it after waiting for 10mins. The fare is 13000won (520php) for almost an hour travel time to Myeongdong (Stop: Sejong Hotel). On the street near Exit 8, I walked straight until I reached ABC shop. Behind the bank is a double glass-door, inside is the elevator going to 17F for the Green Residence.

Green Residence
Location: 17F Tae Heung Building, Myeongdong, Seoul
Website: (page no longer available)
Trip Advisor Reviews

I started my inquiries with them by July and finalized my booking on the same month for my stay on November. They also agreed that I can pay on cash upon arrival and there is no need to provide the credit card details. I again reminded them of my booking a month, then next, a week before my arrival.

Shoes are not allowed inside the hostel, so you have to change to their provided slippers. The lady was very good in letting me know their facilities, she tour me around and discussed some ground rules.

This hotel has very negative review on Trip Advisor but I still decided to book here because of:
1. weather: I think, since it is a cold Autumn, I don’t think I would need an air conditioner or fan; and
2. location: it is not on an elevated area and is on the center of Myeongdong
Good thing I did not feel suffocated on this very small box.

The bed is fine, it looks clean (but not really, as I see 1-2 hair strands). There is a television with English channels, small refrigerator, and a cabinet.
The bathroom is so small, if you will take your shower – everything will be wet even the sink and the bowl. Make sure that your tissue paper is inside the small cabinet. They also provide simple toiletries (there is no shampoo or conditioner).

The room is also using digital locks. But since the doors look all the same except for the numbers, always make sure that you are using the double lock.

There is a small kitchen and dinning table. For those in budget, you can bring your packed coffee or tea and they have free hot and cold water in the kitchen. They also provide simple breakfast (bread, jam, and peanut butter).

They also have a room for the computers with free internet, but the bad thing on this is that it’s the same room for the smoking area.

After the hostel tour, I settled my payment. Freshen a little bit and is again ready to start my adventure in Seoul!

Summary of 5 days itinerary in 2011 Jeju-Seoul Trip:

Places to see
Food and Restaurants
Where to Sleep
Day 1
Take out from McDo
Lunch on Tour
Day 2
Paris Baguette
Lunch at Seongeup
Yeha Guesthouse, Jeju
Day 3
Joongang Cathedral
Flight to Gimpo Airport
Four Seasons House
Coffee Prince Restaurant
Green Residence, Myeongdong, Seoul
Day 4
Coffine Gurunaru
Green Residence, Myeongdong, Seoul
Day 5
Angel in Us Coffee
Green Residence, Myeongdong, Seoul