Saturday, November 26, 2011

2011 November: South Korea: Jeju: Jusangjeolli Cliff

Destination: Jungmun Daepo Coast Jusangjeolli Cliff
Location: Seoguipo-si Jungmun-dong 2663

The Jusangjeolli are stone pillars piled up along the coast and is a designated cultural monument of Jejudo Island. The Jusangjeolli was formed when the lava from Mt.Hallasan erupted into the sea of Jungmun. They are rock pillars shaped like cubes or hexagons of various sizes and almost seem as if stonemasons had carved them out. -

Having a walkway makes it easier for tourists to roam around. This is one of the best locations I was able to watch sunset. Plus, the rocks are really one of a kind!
This is also the place where you can find the cheapest tangerine, because the auntie is not paying taxes for it – it looks to be an illegal selling or consider it like street side fruit vendor.
Another thing that caught my attention is the offer of Jeju government to the tourists. I visited the place 11.14.2011, 3 days after (11.11.2011) it was announced that Jeju is one of The Provisional New7Wonders of Nature ( – and to celebrate it, sites (parks/museums) have free admission for all visitors.