Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 November: South Korea: Jeju: Joongang Cathedral

Destination: Joongang Cathedral of the Jeju Diocese
English Address: JoonAng Cathedral of the Jeju diocese, 114, Samdo2-dong, Jeju-city

The closest Catholic church I found near Yeha Guesthouse and the airport is Joongang Cathedral of the Jeju Diocese. This is just about 10 minutes away by taxi from my accommodation.Thanks to the person who allowed me to leave my luggage at the lower ground floor – it is now easier for me to take the stairs going to the church. I love the fa├žade of the church, it felt like the architecture is so different compare to what we have in Manila.

After my visit, I still have to walk a few blocks to look for a cab going to the airport.

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  2. Hi ruffeecola, do you remember if Joongang Cathedral provides parking? Thank you.

  3. Hi Jasmine, Thanks for dropping by. However, I'm not sure of the parking lot. I went there via cab, and went straight to the building heading to 2F for the altar/chapel.