Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 November: South Korea: BCJ Garden

That day’s challenge is to find where 49 days (Pure Love) and City Hunter were filmed.

From Myeongdong, it is around 80 minutes by train to reach Wollong Station.  If you notice, Paju is the address of my next destination but as advised in Trip Advisor, Wollong Station is closer to the garden.  After the station exit doors, on your left, you will see cabs on queue.  I gave to the driver the address I found on the internet.  It took him around 10 minutes to figure out with his GPS on where we are going.

Good thing he has GPS, or else it will make me freak out.  We were driving 30 minutes on the road with the thought of – Is this right? Is this safe? Will I still be able to get back?  There are very few buildings, huge area for fields, far-away mountains, less vehicles around and from very wide highway, we ended with two-lane road.

As I monitor the time, watch his navigator and finally saw the rock with its name, whew!  Yehey, I made it. 

Arrival, there are only few cars outside, no cab waiting for other visitors, and no tourist buses as well – thinking, “is this so far that people are not seeing this place.”  Upon buying the tickets, I immediately asked the lady if it is possible for her to request for a cab when I’m about to leave the place, good thing she was that kind to help me.

Near #6, 7, is the Queen’s Garden – where the Scheduler and the main actress met [49 days, 2011].
Near #10, is the scene where Ji Hoo is playing his violin [Boys Over Flowers, 2009].

[Updated 8/28/2016] With the recently concluded SBS drama Doctors (Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won), Hye Jung and Prof. Hong visited BCJ Paju (section near #13, bridge) for their last scene in episode 20 (the wedding proposal). (photo credits: SBS production).

See the difference of the seasons, where the above photos from the drama was nearly shot August.  Below photos of the bridge were taken November 2011.

Near #18, 19, 26 is the floating dock and bench used in scenes that will look like a part of the Blue House [City Hunter, 2011, Episode 10 near 5:30 mark (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnRS5UBGXVs) ]

Near #31, 32, the BCJ Castle Gate is used for the heaven scenes where the Scheduler and the Senior Scheduler discussed about the main actress [49 days, 2011] .

KBS2's Prime Minister & I (Yoona & Lee Beom-soo) last scene on Episode 20 was also taken on this section.

Thank you to the lady who help me request for a cab to pick me up and send me to the nearest train station. 

Going there is really a challenge specially that I'm doing this alone. You really need to have a lot of determination and courage to take the path I took. For you will never know what to expect inside the garden or you wont know how to react if autumn is more of a lonely feeling than being happy seeing the places you never expect to see in front of you.


  1. wahhh... great i wish to go in april too ..thanks for sharing

  2. wonderful post!!!!!!i can see that you're also a koreanovela fan like i am. wish i can see these places too.

  3. Thank you for enjoying this entry.

  4. hi, my friend and I are planning to go there by end of April. I noticed from your post that you indicated the location #. May I know how were you able to identify the location of specific spots in the drama, is there a sign indicating this or a map? Thanks in advance for your help.

  5. Hi Anonymous, On the ticket counter, you'll be given a map with numbers and the name of the site and a small photo of the site. There would be NO drama scene on the map that will be given to you.

    That time, Nov 2011, I only noticed two drama site explanation, the one you can see on the photo above about Ji Hoo's violin and the other is a tv commercial.

    How do I identify the drama spots? During that time, I have seen part of City Hunter (when I was in Seoul on June 2011) and with episode 10 onwards on the online streaming. It was not yet available in local channel in Manila. So I just remember them as I see the place. Also I have studied the map before hand, I got it from their site, but not sure on which tab, since it is in Korean Language, I dont understand it, but I just open every link I noticed [http://www.bcj.co.kr/]

    Also, 49 days or Pure Love is just finishing in ABS CBN at that month.

    Happy plannning. Enjoy Seoul!

    1. Thanks so much for your reply. Will check their site for the map. We need to plan ahead to save time since we have a very tight schedule (though it's already my 2nd time in Seoul...) :D Thanks again for your help!
      By the way, I admire your courage to travel alone :) Hope I can do it someday.

    2. Traveling alone doesn’t mean we are lonely.
      In most cases, we need to spend sometime to communicate with the inner us.
      It is also a better way to be in contact with your long lost friends like sending them snail mail or postcards, or just sticking around Facebook check-ins.

      With a well planned trip, you can really make that solo travel soon. Aja!

    3. Yes, you're right about everything. Thanks again! :)