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South Korea: Seoul: Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower)

Cable Car
Others will prefer cable car to oversee the mountains and trees.  I tried it on 2011, but seems like the distance from the ground is not that high.  If you don't care about the budget, you can opt for this transportation.

Admission Fees 
Adults (Roundtrip): Individuals 8,500 won / Groups 7,000 won
Adults (One-way):  Individuals 6,000 won / Groups 5,000 won

Don't worry about the long walk to the cable car, there is "Ormi". [Details here]
"Ormi" is an slanting elevator that is operated by the City of Seoul free of charge.  It travels from Myeong-dong to the base of Namsan Cable Car.  You can find the elevator on Sogong-Ro(between Toegye-Ro and the Namsan 3-tunnel, near the Myeong-dong Subway Station and the Hoehyun (previously Namdaemun) Subway Station) (9:00 A.M~24:00 P.M)

However, if you like a cheaper fare and wanted to experience the long winding road heading to the mountain top, you can take the bus.

Take the Namsan local bus 05 or Seoul City Tour bus
Closest subway stations: Myeongdong Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 3.
Intervals: every 15 minutes
Operating hours: 7:30 - 23:30
Rates: 1,200 krw / 1,100 krw (using transportation card)

Closest Subway Station: (Line 3, 4) Chungmuro Station Exit 2 (in front of Daehan Cinema), (Line 3) Dongguk Univ Station Exit 6

In busy days of autumn, once you experience not moving traffic, just get off and enjoy the chilly weather outside as you hike for more steps to the tower.

Admission to the Observatory Deck:

Tip: Just in case the time you visited is with a foggy or cloudy weather, you can skip the observation deck since you'll not be able to see clear view of the skyline or cityscape.

For the lovely couples visiting the place, you can also locked your love by joining the massive love locks in the tower.

If you missed the exchange of guard in the palaces, there is a short guard ceremony being held on the Namsan Tower grounds.  They also provide photo-opportunities with the visitors.

For those wondering if the area has massive tourist volume, I may say yes, specially for the spring and autumn season.  Possibly least locals on winter due to the temperature, but may still be visited by multitude of tourists.  So just enjoy people watching and queuing on the ticket line and lift to the deck.

Updated on Oct 2017: Views from Namsan Tower

Drama Location
As seen in Boys Over Flowers, Return of the Superman with Song Il Gook and the triplets, Bromance (INFINITE L & Minseok - Windy May) and the latest for 2016 - Min Ho's "Legend...".

The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 05 (Lee Min-ho), SBS - Nov 30, 2016

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