Thursday, November 23, 2017

South Korea: Incheon: Cafe Valor

Cafe Valor by it's name is a coffee shop, but is actually a furniture display shop.  It is located in Incheon and was used as a setting in the movie The Beauty Inside.

There were notices near the cafe counter but mostly are written in Hangul.  So basically, if you bring SLR camera there would be additional fee, but if you are taking photos with your phone or basic camera then you are good to roam around.

There would be signs showing that guests have to be careful as the items are not just for display but actually for sale.

This area is a good option for taking ads and photo shoots just like a studio where models strike a pose and captured by camera.

Take the different exits to find your way from basement to second floor.

At the coffee shop, you can either enjoy coffee, tea or fruit juices.

While sipping over a fruit aide, apparently I noticed that I'm sitting on a chair worth 164,000 KRW (6560 PHP), woah!

Apart from being a vintage furniture and props shop, this has become a studio for music videos and variety show. [View more photos on instagram]

Travel Date: Nov 2017

Filming Location

Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey (2018, tvN) Episode 19

Ah Sa-nyeo (Lee Se-Young) met P.K. (Lee Hong-Ki) on the next studio room, to tell him that she is actually helping Son Oh-gong (Lee Seung-gi) not Kang Dae-sung (candidate for the presidential election).

But P.K. simply wanted to kill her, he made her realize that Oh-gong is actually protecting Sam-jang, not her. This made her angry, she yelled and threw the lighter on the ground, but it landed next to P.K.’s feet and lighted him in a blue fire.

Alice (Yoon Bo-Ra) came in to rescue, she told him that her power is weak, but she can still extinguish the fire because she is from the water nation. Alice hugged P.K. tightly and the flame started to fire-out. Alice told him that when the flame is gone, she will also disappear, to be back to the dragon sea palace. Bubbles started to float to the sky and P.K. cries over her.

Running Man
Coming to this place on a Monday morning of November 2017, I did not know that the recent Episode 373 of Running Man was also filmed here.

Even Jae Suk and Gwang Soo gave autographs to the cafe owner. 

Chicago Typewriter (2017, tvN) Episode 1:

How to go to Cafe Valor

Summary: Autumn Itinerary for 5 days in Seoul, South Korea, 2017

Places to see
Food and Restaurants
Where to Sleep
World Cup Park [Autumn/Bong Soo]
Seoul Forest Station [Autumn/K2]
Konkuk University [Autumn/Goblin]
Underground Market (Seoul Bus Terminal)

W Hand Steak [Battle Trip]
Cocoon Guest House
Digital Media [Best Punch]
Cocoon Guest House
Alver [Arirang Live]
Blute [Bok Joo]
Pork Soup Restaurant
Cocoon Guest House
Bupyeong Luggage Locker
Inha University [Autumn/Bok Joo]
Café Valor [Beauty Inside]
Paris Baguette
Cocoon Guest House

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