Saturday, March 22, 2014

2014 Feb: South Korea: Yakhyeon Church

Do you still remember Father Adriane from Love Letter (Jo Hyun-jae as Lee Woo Jin) in 2003 MBC series?  He shed a tear during his ordination in Episode 1.

Before leaving for this trip (Feb 2014), I bump into Yoona’s series Prime Minister, it is her wedding scene, and I suddenly remember the church – I said in an instant, I’ll find it and will be there in case it happened to be in Seoul.

Yakhyeon Catholic Church (Yaghyun Parish Church) was the first Catholic and western style church ever built in Korea in 1892. Designed by Father Eugene Jean George Coste (who had also designed Myeongdong Cathedral) is an example of Gothic architecture.

Yaghyun means a hill of herbs and is named because the area was filled with many herbs.

This weekend I happened to finish the series, there are other scenes taken from this drama:

The K2 (TvN, Sept-Nov 2016) - Ji Chang-wook, Im Yoon-ah

How to get to Yakhyeon Church?
  • Take Seoul Subway Line 2, to Chungjeongno Station (Green), take Exit 5. 
  • Walk 5-10 minutes, you'll see banners with priest's photo (this is the back entrance).  
  • Take the uphill road going to the church. [map]
Yakhyeon Catholic Church (Jungnimdong Catholic Church)
서울 중구 중림동 149-2 Jungnim-dong 149-2, Jung-gu, Seoul, Seoul
(서울 중구 중림로 27) 27 Jungnyim-no, Jung-gu, Seoul

Looks like there is no Sunday English mass in Yakhyeon.
[Mass Schedule -]
Request: If you can read Korean, please comment in English on when is the mass held on this church.  Thank you.

Other Catholic Churches in Seoul with English Mass:

Summary of 3 days itinerary in 2014 Seoul Trip:

Places to see
Food and Restaurants
Where to Sleep
Day 1
Late Dinner at 2am in near GS25, Myeongdong Exit 8
Breakfast at Droptop
Lunch at Basement Hole in the Wall Japanese Restaurant (Gangnam)
Mango Six (Gangnam)
Dinner at Tokyo - Japanese Restaurant (Gangnam)
K-pop Residence II in Myeongdong
Day 2
Breakfast at De Chocolate Café (Chungmuro)
Lunch at Restaurant in Jade Garden
Dinner at Basement Hole in the Wall Korean Restaurant (Myeongdong)
K-pop Residence II
Day 3
Paris Croissant (Anguk)
Dinner at Basement Hole in the Wall Korean Restaurant (Insadong)
Paris Baguette (Myeongdong)
K-pop Residence II