Friday, November 17, 2017

2011 November: South Korea:Seoul: Four Season's House

Four Season’s House also known as Yoon’s Color is a place dedicated by the director to his drama series.  It is inspired by Autumn in My Heart (Autumn in Love), Winter Sonata, Summer Scent and Spring Waltz.
Before you visit the place, make sure that you book your request on their site,

I studied how to get there, but I still get lost.  So I’m sharing the photos below to serve as markers.

1. Take line #6 subway to Sangsu station.
2. Use Exit#2 of Sangsu station and turn left at the top of the stairs of Exit #2
3. Walk straight for 4 mins, 250 meters to Far-East Broadcasting St. and Regina Wedding building.

See the green telephone booth, after that there is a street with a signage of “Four Seasons”.
4. Turn right and walk up a hill for 1 min. then you can see Four Seasons House.  

The admission fee is 5000krw, but I got 20% discount which I got from a coupon on my Seoul City Pass (last June).

Here are some photos, and continue believing in seeing love in different seasons! 

If you have more inquiries on this place, kindly visit the open thread in Trip Advisor.

[2017 update] You might not be able to see the exact photos in here as there was a reconstruction and this place is now able to accept visitors in their new cafe shop named Blute as seen in MBC's Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016) Episode 10.  Kim Bok-Joo (Lee Sung-Kyung) had a coffee with Jung Jae-Yi (Lee Jae-Yoon) to hear his apologies regarding the situation.

Summary of 5 days itinerary in 2011 Jeju-Seoul Trip:

Places to see
Food and Restaurants
Where to Sleep
Day 1
Take out from McDo
Lunch on Tour
Day 2
Paris Baguette
Lunch at Seongeup
Yeha Guesthouse, Jeju
Day 3
Joongang Cathedral
Flight to Gimpo Airport
Four Seasons House
Coffee Prince Restaurant
Green Residence, Myeongdong, Seoul
Day 4
Coffine Gurunaru
Green Residence, Myeongdong, Seoul
Day 5
Angel in Us Coffee
Green Residence, Myeongdong, Seoul

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