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South Korea: Incheon: Inha University

Inha University is an off track destination and is about 90 minute subway train ride away from central Seoul.  But since I'm fascinated with the lake view as seen in Bok-joo, thus I have decided to visit the place on my way back to the airport.  

To get here, find your way to Suin Line, get off at Inha Station.  Exits can lead you to either West or Main Gate.  If you are not carrying your luggage, you can opt to take Bus 1601 from Hongdae area to transfer you here in about same time of 90 minutes (but you don't need to worry about the transfer stations). 

Apart from the student's canteen, there are cafe and convenience store where you can get some snacks that you can eat while roaming around the place.

Places to Remember as Seen in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

Weightlifting Training Center (known as Gymnasium)
On my way here, the navy blue jacket that the characters were wearing are actually varsity jacket of Inha.

As seen from the episodes of Bok-joo
Circular Seating Area (known as Flying Dragon Tower)

Episode 4: This is the place where the coaches cooked meat for the Weightlifting Team to boost their morale while training for their upcoming competition.

Episode 8: When Bok-Joo (Lee Sung-Kyung) made a return call to Jung Jae-Yi (Lee Jae-Yoon) explaining that she can no longer visit the clinic and lied about transferring to Germany.

School Canteen (known as Student Center)
The buffet style canteen is found on the upper ground floor, while the public cafe is on the lower ground.  Apart from food, there are other services on this building like banks and postage.

Episode 4: When Jung Joon-Hyung (Nam Joo-Hyuk) is playing around Bok-joo since he knew that they are acquaintance since grade school.

Episode 5: When Joon-Hyung is making fun of Bok-joo to settle their agreement that he should keep the secret of Bok-joo about attending the clinic of his brother.

The Bridge (located somewhere in the middle of Buildings #2, #3, 60th Anniversay Hall, #4)

Episode 2: When Joon-Hyung kept on calling Bok-Joo as "Chubs".

Grand Staircase (known to be near the Basketball Field and Main Stadium)

Episode 09: Jae-Yi is talking to Joon-Hyung when his brother caught Bok-joo on lying about being a cellist rather than a weightlifter.

Episode 15: Bok-Joo made some packed sandwiches for Joon-Hyung.

In-Kung Pond

I enjoyed much time here, however was not able to get grand photos possibly because I was totally immersed and mesmerized by the place and the surroundings. There are a lot of students walking around and perhaps it's embarrassing to do selfies with the pond, haha!  What I did not like here is that the tables are not cleaned after they ate, a lot of condiments or sauce dirt were left uncleaned.

Episode 10:  When Joon-Hyung bought a lot of snacks to encourage Bok-Joo to eat.

Episode 15: Joon-hyung met with Bok-joo by the lake, and he shared his happiness about finally seeing his mom again after a very long time.

Some of the photos above will also be shared on Korean Drama Land.

Autumn Feels
Apart from the series, I also consider visiting schools as a good option to appreciate the autumn leaves and its changing colors.  This very big leaf can actually cover my face on this photo.

Goblin Experience
Yes, you read it right.  This article was supposed to be dedicated to Bok-joo, however, Goblin works in mysterious ways.  I was rushing when I arrived Inha Station because it was already late for me to start my day.  Then, I bump to this Public Library, where what I was actually looking for is a toilet to pee.  When I entered the comfort room, there is no real song but the music on ears that time was:

It's a beautiful life 난 너의 곁에 있을게, It's a beautiful life 너의 뒤에 서 있을게
It’s a beautiful life Nan neoui gyeote isseulge, It’s a beautiful life Neoui dwie seo isseulge
It’s a beautiful life I’ll be by your side, It’s a beautiful life I’ll be behind you

Out of the blue, in front of the mirror, there was a book holder keeping this book: 
어쩌면 별들이 너의 슬픔을 가져갈지도 몰라 "Perhaps the Stars Will Take Away Your Sadness"

This book which is a collection of poems, appeared in the series Goblin - Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.

“Mass is not proportional to volume. A girl as small as a violet. A girl who moves like a flower petal is pulling me toward her with more force than her mass. Just then, like Newton’s apple, I rolled toward her without stopping until I fell on her, with a thump. With a thump. My heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground. It was my first love.” The Physics of Love by Kim In-yook [Read]

Date Visited: 2017 November

How to go to Inha University

Summary: Autumn Itinerary for 5 days in Seoul, South Korea, 2017

Places to see
Food and Restaurants
Where to Sleep
World Cup Park [Autumn/Bong Soo]
Seoul Forest Station [Autumn/K2]
Konkuk University [Autumn/Goblin]
Underground Market (Seoul Bus Terminal)

W Hand Steak [Battle Trip]
Cocoon Guest House
Digital Media [Best Punch]
Cocoon Guest House
Alver [Arirang Live]
Blute [Bok Joo]
Pork Soup Restaurant
Cocoon Guest House
Bupyeong Luggage Locker
Inha University [Autumn/Bok Joo]
Café Valor [Beauty Inside]
Paris Baguette
Cocoon Guest House

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