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2007 July: Hong Kong: Day 1: Going to Ocean Park and The Peak

2007 July: Hong Kong: Day 1: Going to Ocean Park and The Peak

Go to the Admiralty MTR Station, exit in B, take Citybus Bus Route (Feeder) Services: 4, Route: 629 ( The Bus Stop in Admiralty (West) Bus Terminus is located in Drake Street outside Lippo Centre. One-way transportation would cost HKD10.6/adult. First trip starts @ 9a and the last trip to Ocean Park is @ 4p. Bus leaves every 10 mins and the journey takes around 25mins.

You can buy the Ocean Park ( Tickets in the Admiralty MTR Station, Citybus Service or outside the Ocean Park Entrance. Ticket costs 185HKD. I don’t think I got the special edition tickets from July 1 to August 31, 2007 for guests to keep as souvenir.

We got to meet An An (Male) & Jia Jia (Female) in the Panda Habitat.

Don’t miss the Cable Car! It is located on two different sides of a mountain and is overlooking the sea, connecting “the lowlands” from Lowland Gardens to "the headlands" at Marine Land. It operates @ 11am onwards. You’ll stay at most 12-15 minutes inside the cable car.

Just an hour after we took the Cable Car, it got stuck. Based on the newspaper the following day, nearly 300 people were stranded in midair when the cable car broke down for about 8 minutes due to a faulty belt. Haha! Just don’t forget to have fun!

After Ocean Park, we go back to Admiralty Station to check out the Peak! If you have enough time, try passing by the Hong Kong Park ( and St. John’s Cathedral (open @ 7:00am – 6:00pm daily) along the way. If you plan to check out Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, the cheapest deal you can get is take the 2 in 1 Combo Package (2 way Peak Tram ride + Admission Ticket to the Museum) for only 125HKD.

Go at the top of The Peak to reach the Viewing Terrace.

You can almost experience the 360 degrees view of HK. If you are staying on this area a little late, you can watch the Symphony of Lights ( at 8p-8.20p.

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