Sunday, November 14, 2010

Taiwan: Day 4: Visiting Lavender Farm

Woke-up early and had breakfast from Dante’s Coffee, I loved bagel and cream cheese.

This day is my Taoyuan challenge. I’ve been wanting to see the farm used in Leo and Yshin’s series, Lavender. After doing the research, I found that it was Tomita Farm located in Taoyuan. But, when I reached the place and due to unexpected drizzle, I decided to visit only Tashee Blooming Oasis (few more minutes and you will also see Tomita Farm).

From Taipei, I dropped off at Ximen MRT Station. From my research, travelers were advise that from Taipei’s Gueiyang Street (貴陽街) in front of the Soochow University annex (located between Ximending and Presidential Office, east of Zhonghua Rd), board a Taipei Bus (台北客運) or Taoyuan Bus (桃園客運) bus to Dasi. I waited for Bus 9103 on the school side. Below is a sample bus ticket that you will received from the driver, and which should be returned upon drop off.

Bus route map from Taipei to Dasi:

From the bus station on Daxi town, I took a cab and it is almost a 15 minute travel for less than 160NT.
I paid 80NT on the Tashee Blooming Oasis admission fee, I got a 20NT discount from the Youth Travel Card.
Since I decided to go to the other farm instead of the one used in Lavender, I’m surprised that they still have Lavender plants.
I’m also amazed that the Love at the Corner series also shoot in the area.
Other series that I’m not familiar with the title but with the actors are Rainie Yang, 5566, etc.
They also offer the Lavender bottle and different teas.

I had vegetable pasta for lunch, more expensive that the usual.

At around 1pm, I left the area. It took me around 30 minutes waiting for a cab to return to Daxi bus station. The bus to Taipei arrived at around 2pm, if I missed it I need to wait for the 4pm bus.
I arrived at almost 4pm in Ximen, I looked for Far Eastern Department store to find the supermarket. I think it is cheaper to buy chocolate and tea pasalubong from supermarket rather than keychain or shirt from night market.

Travel Date: October 22, 2009

Summary of 7 days 6 nights Itinerary on 2009 Taiwan Trip

Places to see
Food and Restaurants
Where to Sleep
Day 1
St. John Bosco Church
Miramar (Ferris Wheel)

Day 2
National Chiang Kai Shek Memorial
Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
Taipei 101
 Lunch @ Mr. J Restaurant
City Inn Hotel
Day 3
Dinner @ Modern Toilet
City Inn Hotel
Day 4

City Inn Hotel
Day 5
Walking on Tianmu Area
Fisherman’s Walking Area
City Inn Hotel
Day 6
National Palace Museum
Taipei Story Land
City Inn Hotel
Day 7
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Taiwan Storyland

City Inn Hotel