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2009 Feb: Sagada, Philippines: Day 2

2009 Feb: Sagada, Philippines: Day 2

By 5am, we already reached Kiltepan Viewpoint, to wait for the sunrise. It is still too dark, so we had our mini bonfire.

By around 6.30am, we go back to the guest house to take our breakfast and bath. By 8.30am, were ready to depart for our Cave Adventure. There are 2 caves to visit. One option is to choose the Cave Connection Adventure - which is you will start from Lumiang Cave take the difficult path and you’ll go out in the Sumaging Cave. Travelers normally take 5 hours to complete this.

The second option is to just see the Lumiang Cave Entrance - where the coffins are displayed. Then take a jeepney going to Sumaging Cave. This is an easier path and will take only 3 hours. I think we were too slow as it took us almost 4-5 hours just to complete the easy path.

Wear swimsuit inside as you will pass a chest deep water. Though it was just almost 2 meters walk in a very cold water. For non-swimmers no need to be frightened.

There are 3 stages for the easy path - slippery, rocky and I forgot the other one, hehe! The first is slippery because of the mud on the rocks. Next, is still slippery and rocky, but now with lime stones. There is also a part when you need to remove your slippers or shoes.

The guides have their own lamps, but if you have difficulty on seeing in the dark, you better get yourself a headlamp. I got mine around 300php on Toby’s. The more led light much better, also yellow light is better than white light.

The famous rock formations are located in Sumaging Cave, thus I chose the easy path than the difficult one.

What I love on this challenge, I jump into the water holding a rope with no idea on how deep the water is. Plus, there is a short rappelling without any harness on the travelers. Note, you just need to believe in your guides and totally trust them.

It is expected that you’ll be a total mess, too dirty after caving - but don’t worry, there is a store outside the Sumaging Cave where you can wash your hands and feet for just 10-20php. For some, it is advisable to bring wet tissue for quick clean-up.

We took our late lunch and bath back in the guest house. Then we finally bought our pasalubongs and got to see the stores in Sagada. And for those addicted to net, yes, there are internet shops in Sagada for only 25-30php/hour.

We tried banana yoghurt in Yoghurt House. This is the place when me kuya, I asked for a service water in Tagalog. Then he replied in English - I think it is not safe to drink water from the faucet. My friend and I were stunned with how fluent they speak in English. Yes, English is their second language next to their local dialect. Some of them can’t even speak Filipino, but can converse with you in English.

By 5.30 we left town proper to see Sunset in Lake Danum, too bad were late. So instead, we watched sunset above the jeepney. Then we went to Lake Danum for our late dinner , bonfire and social discussion.

Before 10pm we went back to the guest house, just in time for the Sagada curfew.

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