Sunday, November 14, 2010

2009 Oct: Taiwan: Day 7: Goodbye Taipei!

Travel Date: October 25, 2009

I tried to wake up early to finished packing my stuff. After a quick breakfast, I decided to checkout and left my baggage at the hotel. I’m doing this so fast cause I need to rush to the same church I visited on my first day for the Sunday mass.

After the mass, I don’t know where to go. Simply because, I did not prepare for this day. I should be going home by lunch time per the previous flight schedule. So I just grabbed the map and search for places where I can go to.

I’ve seen Yamingshan National Park on television. After taking bus R5 at Jiantan Station, for few minutes you’ll feel getting colder as the bus is going up to the mountains. Quiet like a Baguio trip in less than 30 minutes. I walked for a few meters, then decided to go back to the bus station. Why? It would be a very long if I proceed further. So I advise that if you really want to see the bunch of trees and flowers blooming at Yamingshan, just join the group tour.

Next stop, Yuanshan Station for the museums. I decided to go inside Taipei Fine Arts Museum. But what the! People are in queue, it was a very long line - for the Pixar exhibit.

Instead of that, I headed to Taipei Story House, even though just a very small place, I enjoyed it a lot.

From here, I transferred to blue lane for Ximending Station. I visited street market and the Red Playhouse. It is a museum, coffee shop and souvenir shop at the same time.

Then, I went back to the Main Station. Inside the K-Mall, I visited Taiwan Storyland. It shows how the old Taiwan village looks like. It has the old bicycles, old phones, a sample store of old cameras. It looks like seeing Taiwan in the past.

After dinner, I went back to the hotel to get my stuff.

I boarded the bus going to the Airport. Terminal 1 is simply boring. Good thing that Gate B9 is just close to Terminal 2. Below is a telephone booth and coffee shop at 12 midnight.

After having a hot chocolate, I slept and still waited for my 1:25am flight back to Manila.

Thank you to my "calling" alarm clock for keeping me awake during the last minutes of my stay on your place.
I trully appreciate my family for allowing me to visit this country - alone! Thank you again to the drivers, guides, individuals who helped me during my stay, finding the right directions and giving me tips.

Summary of 7 days 6 nights Itinerary on 2009 Taiwan Trip

Places to see
Food and Restaurants
Where to Sleep
Day 1
St. John Bosco Church
Miramar (Ferris Wheel)

Day 2
National Chiang Kai Shek Memorial
Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
Taipei 101
 Lunch @ Mr. J Restaurant
City Inn Hotel
Day 3
Dinner @ Modern Toilet
City Inn Hotel
Day 4

City Inn Hotel
Day 5
Walking on Tianmu Area
Fisherman’s Walking Area
City Inn Hotel
Day 6
National Palace Museum
Taipei Story Land
City Inn Hotel
Day 7
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Taiwan Storyland

City Inn Hotel