Sunday, November 14, 2010

2009 Feb: Macau: Day 2: Macau by Day and Night

We normally take our breakfast from McDonalds along Alm. Ribiero and the one in front of Starbucks, Senado Square. We never tried taking our breakfast from local small shops (due to personal choice).

Obras Publicas
For our first day, we walk along the Senado Square, luck that we were able to see a Dragon Dance along the way. We followed the arrows going to St. Paul Ruins.

We waited until 10am for the opening of the Macau Museum. I’m not sure if it is good or bad - good, that we have a lot of kababayans working there in the Museum, where aside from the antiques we can have free entertainment talking to them, learning on their lives and eperiences, guiding tourists, etc; bad, we lost our time having lots of chikas and were not able to concentrate on the antiques and displays - hehe!

Notice the Luzon/Mindanao Map

We tried some street food from the stores in the lower area of St Paul Ruins before going to St. Anthony Church and Camoes Garden.

After which we found the bus (18) going to Flora Gardens - 3.10HKD. We roam around a few areas, then took the one-way ride of the cable car. Too bad, my sisbro is afraid of heights - I was not able to get a shot of myself. Then we walked, actually hiked a little, going to Guia Hill. Nice thing that there is an exit near Guia Lighthouse and no need to go back on the cable car. We took a cab going to Fisherman’s Wharf and since we are too hungry - we ate at Thalay Thai.
We entered Babylon Casino, check-out the rest of the Fisherman’s Wharf and returned to San Ma Lo. It was so tiring and we had a very long walk along the day - thus, we took a nap in the Hotel and went out for our dinner.

We took another long walk from Senado Square going towards Casino Lisboa. We crossed some underground passage to reach Wynn Hotel. Don’t miss to take a picture of Macau Tower in the skyline.

We waited for almost 3 fountain shows in front of Wynn. I think it is every fifteen minutes and as if water dances differently on each song. It was really amazing to watch it.

We were also able to see the Tree of Prosperity which is every half an hour.

Before 12mn, we find our way to our Hotel and we called it enough for the first day/night in Macau.