Sunday, November 14, 2010

2009 Feb: Macau: Day 3: Visiting Coloane and Taipa

Travel Date: February 2009

Another breakfast at McDo, Senado Square. Find our way to buy some postcards and finally see the Cathedral (as we missed it yesterday). Had a long walk until we reached the terminal station for the bus going to Macau Tower.

Had our lunch at the Tower, and roam around 2 top floors which are open to the public.

We return to San Ma Lo (Senado Square) to take the bus going to Coloane. We visited the original Lord Stow Bakery in Macau. Ate the famous egg tart on the nearby park. Wrote on our postcards and was supposed to mail them from Coloane (but we mailed it from Macau Island instead).
We went to St. Xavier Church (where the famous Korean Series Princess Hours was taken).

After visiting Coloane, we went to Taipa for the grand casino - The Venetian. Don’t forget the get a map to guide you on the shows staged by mostly by Filipinos.

Going back to the city is not difficult as there are free shuttle service from The Venetian going to the ferry terminal. From there take Bus 3 or 3A, going to Senado Square. Then call it the final night in Macau.