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2008 Nov: Ilocos, Philippines: Day 1: Photoholic

2008 Nov: Ilocos, Philippines: Day 1: Photoholic

What’s the story behind the getting famous adventure of Photoholic Ilocos by Travel Fractor?

8pm Friday, the meeting place is at Mc Donald’s Quezon Ave. MRT Station. Leia came in and they started the registration. After the id laces have been distributed, we waited for a while and we started boarding the bus (Orange Luxury Bus: TWE 383).

First stop over was the one on/before Tarlac area. After doing a washroom break and few stretching, we went to our bus seats and continue our sleep and night ride. It was still dark and early (5:20am) when we arrived at the San Agustin Bell Church.

Another had another washroom break to freshen-up ourselves. We immediately grab the opportunity to take some photos on the Bell Tower.
Then we took our breakfast. Thanks for giving us the chance of tasting the famous and delicious Vigan Lumpia Tart like.

After then, we drove to Paoay Church, we stayed there for almost an hour.
We have seen a small shop that sells Basi and Duhat - Ilocos Wines.

We passed the Marcos Place and Sand Dunes. Unfortunately there was no sand, grasses already grew on the area, so we’re not able to see the exact desert scenes of Panday. The area has already its border gates and we were not able to get into the sand area. Per Leai, this will soon be a residential area as well.

We had our Lunch and prepare our selves for the next set of places to be visited in the afternoon.
To reach Cape Bojedor Lighthouse we took tricycles. The road is steep and narrow that is why we need to transfer to a tricycle.

We were lucky that we are able to reach the top of the Lighthouse and see the lamp. It was scary at first because the stairs are so old, when we were able to reach the top. When we were there, it is a little dangerous because the wind is so strong, also one glass wall was already broken because of the strong wind. We were able to see the border of the Philippines or Ilocos outline and of course the South China Sea horizon.

We made our own adventure! We though that from the Lighthouse we will also take a tricycle going to Capurpurawan Rock - so it was very a long scary ride on the national highway, another long and bumpy journey on the rocky soil, and still a long walk and short jumps across the dead corals before we reached the summit. It was totally windy on top and big waves were still able to reach the other side of the rock formation.

We then move to Bangui Windmills. This place has been used for the WOW Philippines advertisement by the Department of Tourism. For those who will visit the area, even baseball caps are not good to use, try using big handkerchiefs to manage your hair. This is also the place I lost my eyeglasses due to my addiction on jump shots. Too bad, I was not able to recover my glasses.
We are already on the road going to Polaris Beach House (in Saud Beach) when the sun set. We reached the resort by 6pm, get a quick rest, freshen ourselves and join the group again for small gathering with self introduction and have our dinner.

After dinner, we got to talk with our fellow travelers and got to chit chat on things in and around photography, life and traveling.

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