Sunday, November 14, 2010

2009 Feb: Sagada, Philippines: Day 1

2009 Feb: Sagada, Philippines: Day 1

Around 9pm, Friday, we took Cable Tours bus (Cable Tour Terminal, E. Rodriguez Avenue in front of Trinity College and Burger King) and left Manila. Don’t expect much on this bus, some of the seats were broken, air conditioner is not working well, plus the space is too small. It is like a baby bus, which will easily pass the small roads up north.

By 7am, we reached the Mountain Province. We stop for a while and see the site from Banaue Viewing Deck.

After passing the mountains from 3 hours, we reached Bontoc, where we took our brunch. By around 12nn, we finally reached Sagada.

Our group is divided into 2, we stayed in Alabama Inn and the other group stayed in George Guest House. After taking a rest for a while and having our lunch, that was also our chance to take a bath after the very long trip.

Then by around 2pm, we started our trek on Banga-an Rice Terraces. Based on Kuya Elmer (President of the Sagada Guides), the entrance fee we pay goes to the cemented pathways along the terraces.

At the end of the trek, we reached Bomod-ok Big Falls. Here, travelers were allowed to take a bath. Just be careful on the jumping/diving into the water.

By 5.30pm, we find our way back because it is difficult to walk in the terraces when it is dark.

After dinner and bath, we already sleep cause we need to wake-up by 4am the next day.

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