Sunday, November 14, 2010

2008 July: Hong Kong: Day 1: Cheap City Tour

2008 July: Hong Kong: Day 1: Cheap City Tour

This is my second time in Hong Kong (July 2008), but I see this more of a challenge because now I’m doing it on a solo journey. I’m not really suppose to do this, not until I realized I’m just throwing a free one way ticket to HK.
I need to beat the September deadline of the expiration of the voucher and it is a factor to go there within the Summer Festival Season Sale. Too bad that the sale season is during the heavy rains of both Manila and HK.
I took the 8am flight on Tuesday bound to HK. For about 2 hour travel, I reached the HKIA. After a long walk from the arrival gate, you will transfer by train going to Terminal 1 for the Luggage and Immigration. Do exchange a few bucks at the Airport Money Changer for your immediate transactions. I bought the normal octopus card this time (since I don‘t need to try the Airport Express and is not in need of the 3 day free use of MTR).

After the photo op in the grounds of the Airport, find your way on the bus terminal, follow the arrows with signage “Bus to City”. The departure times of the A11 busses going to North Point passing Causeway Bay is every 20 minutes (00, 20, 40) from 9a to 23p. Luggage are left on the first level of the bus while most of the passengers go the second level for a better view on the bus ride.

No need to be afraid of when and where you are getting off. There are scrolling notes on the display on what stop they are arriving. I get-off the 14th stop for the Causeway Bay area. It is just near Sogo mall and everything is accessible from that point.
I booked on Alisan Guest House located in Flat 5A Hoito Court. I’m aware that the guest house owner or desk will be in different floor from the actual rooms.
After I settled my payments and my luggage, I decided to start my solo journey. I go straight to Central, checked out the Exchange Tower Three (building of our counter parts).
I got lost on finding my way to St. John’s Cathedral. Thank you to the Filipinos who help me find my way. Hehe!

Then , I got photo op on HK Park. By around 5pm I find my way to TST, checked on some camera stores for Nikon lens (was not able to buy one) and visited Esprit Outlet. I revisited Clock Tower, Avenue of Stars and waited until 8pm for the Symphony of Lights. I do recommend tripod for the night shots.